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Best WordPress File Sharing plugin that allows admin and site users to upload, manage and share their files with restricted access via frontend.

Is this file sharing plugin for you?

  • Do you want to upload and share files with your site users securely that no one else can access?
  • Do you want your site users to upload and share files with you or each other in a secure way?

…then yes! User Private Files is perfect for your needs.

User Private Files is a file sharing plugin with frontend file manager that will add a file sharing functionality on your WordPress website just like Dropbox and Google Drive. Your site users will be able to login and upload their files and manage the access to those files. A perfect Frontend File Manager to upload and share private files.


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The plugin is simple to use and comes with 2 different design shortcodes:

Modern design “[upf_manager]”

Classic design (old – limited functionality) has 2 shortcodes – one for uploading files and another for displaying the files that they uploaded and that are Shared with them. We recommend that you use them together on a single page:
Shortcode for uploading form is “[upf_upload]”
Shortcode for displaying files is “[upf_display]”

Users can add/remove other users from their files by their email addresses. Only the allowed users will be able to view/download those files and unauthentic users will see a permission denied error message (even if they have direct URL to the file).

Your users will be able to manage their files, add a title and note to the uploaded files. They can also delete their uploaded files. Site administrator can view all the files from the WP media library and will have the full control over them.


  • Allow your site users to upload their private files.

  • Users can share their files with other users by using their email addresses or usernames.

  • Only the allowed users will be able to view/download shared files and unauthentic users or guests will see a permission denied error if they have direct URL to the file.

  • Users can remove the allowed users anytime they want.

  • Easy to setup for administrator and easy to use for users.

  • Front-end dashboard to allow users upload and manage their files.

  • Full control over uploaded files to site administrator.

  • 2 different designs – Classic and full-width modern design (NEW)

  • Filter to group files by their type (Classic design only)

  • Translation Ready

  • Folders system – Users can Create/Rename/Delete and Share folders (NEW)

  • Users can upload/move files within different folders (NEW)

  • Admin can share files with single, all users or users with a specific role (NEW)

  • Comments – Users can comment on shared files (NEW)

  • Email notification when a file / folder is shared with someone (NEW)

  • Backend settings to enable/disable email notification and change email subject/content (NEW)

  • Trash folder functionality (NEW)

  • Search for files and folders (NEW)

  • Interactive Dropbox like design (NEW)

  • Download file option

  • Support for file types – image, pdf, doc, zip, audio, video, txt and CSV (NEW)

  • Support image, pdf preview and video play (NEW)

  • No page refresh – Fully AJAX

  • Restore or Delete files & folders from Trash (NEW)

  • Beautiful animation & icons

PRO version Features

  • Frontend notifications when a file / folder is shared with someone (NEW)

  • Backend option to enable/disable frontend notifications (NEW)

  • Copy link to a folder or file and share with other users who have access (NEW)

  • Backend option to allow users to share with role specific & all users

  • Backend option to enable/disable file uploading functionality based on roles

  • Backend customizer to update colors, thumbnails, and toolbar options (NEW)

  • Grid/List views (NEW)

  • Login functionality when user is not logged in (NEW)

  • Backend options to customize login form (NEW)

  • 3rd party Storage – Google Drive to upload all files to your google drive account instead of server hosting (BETA)

  • Sort files/folder (NEW)

  • Collapsible side panels on frontend (NEW)

Everything you need in a File Sharing Plugin

Easy to use
User Private Files is as easy as using your computer. The sleek design gives you the freedom to manage files and folders as you want.

Compatible with Themes
We are using Divi theme on our demo sites. It is very compatible with Divi theme. We have tested with some popular themes like DIVI, AVADA, BE, The7, Bridge, UnCode, Salient etc. and there are no issues so far.

Compatible with Elementor & other Page-Builders
WordPress File Sharing plugin is compatible with Elementor builder. While editing a page create a new shortcode block and paste the shortcode [upf_manager]. Save the page and preview. Same can be followed for other builders like – Muffin, WPBakery, Visual Composer, Beaver, Divi, SiteOrigin, etc.

Files are stored in Media Library
As an admin, you can access all files uploaded by users in the media library. Also, files uploaded by users can be found in /wp-content/uploads/upf-docs/.

No Limit
You can upload as many files as you want & as many folders or sub-folders can be created. There is no limit on number of files. This depends on your hosting account.

No max file-size Limit
User Private Files plugin do not limit on file size. It depends on your hosting account. If you are unable to upload large files, edit your php.ini or user.ini file and add this line :
upload_max_filesize = 128M
This will limit max file size to 128mb, change it as needed. Sometime it is managed by hosting provider, please contact your hosting provide and as them to increase upload_max_filesize.

Email Notifications
An option in backend to configure email template. When someone shares a file/folder with a user/users, they will receive an email notification.

Frontend Notifications (PRO)
Users will get a notification on frontend page when a file/folder is shared with them. They can read, delete, and refresh notifications. Clicking on a notification will open that file/folder.

Copy Link (PRO)
Users can copy the link to a file/folder and share it with other users. Pasting the link will open that file or folder if they have access to it.

Share with single user, roles, or all users
Share your files and folders with a single user, multiple users, a particular user role or all users at once.

Secure frontend file manager
Full width front-end file manager and all uploaded files are secure that only allowed users can access.

Inbuilt login form and customizer (PRO)
WordPress file sharing plugin comes with a login form which is fully customizable. You can set labels and fields for the login form via the customizer.

Checkout the Demo to experience all features.


  • Front-end Dashboard
  • File Preview
  • Create New Folder
  • Upload Files
  • Rename a File
  • Move a File
  • Classic Design - Uploading a file
  • Classic Design - Allow other users by email
  • Classic Design - Shared with me files


You can install the Plugin in two ways.

WordPress interface installation

  1. Go to plugins in the WordPress admin and click on “Add new”.
  2. In the Search box enter “User Private Files” and press Enter.
  3. Click on “Install” to install the plugin.
  4. Activate the plugin.

Manual installation

  1. Download and upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/user-private-files directory from the WordPress plugin repository.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” screen in WordPress admin area.


Are the files secure?

Yes, the files are uploaded to a different directory and the files will be accessible only by allowed users or admin. Public URL to a file will show a permission error.

What are the shortcodes

For Modern Design:

For Classic Design:
Shortcode for uploading form is “[upf_upload]”
Shortcode for displaying files is “[upf_display]”
We recommend that you use them on a single page.

How do I share a file in WordPress?

Install WordPress File Sharing plugin and then use the shortcode in a page. Upload a file on frontend and preview that file. Click on share icon to share it with other users.

Does this plugin modify .htaccess file?

Yes, the plugin needs to write a rewrite rule to the .htaccess file to allow/deny user files access. You can manually add the code by yourself as well.

Will the user files appear in the backend?

Yes, the site administrator can view/delete all the files uploaded by users in the backend in media library.

How can users share their files?

Follow this Video documentation series

Does the plugin send an email to the users?

Yes, when adding a user by an email address or username to the file, the plugin sends an email to the target user. There is an option to customize subject and content as well.

Files type Restrictions?

Only the images and documnet files are allowed in classic design shortcode.
Image, pdf, doc, zip, audio, video, txt and CSV files are supported in the modern design shortcode.


Setyembre 2, 2023
Good, but suffers from some file-type limitations imposed by WordPress. For example you can't upload .xslx spreadsheets. To avoid the limitations add to wp-config.php /* allow unfiltered uploads */ define( 'ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS', true ); Then, once your Upload Dialog is open, turn the file-type selector from "allowed types only" to "all types", otherwise .xslx will not be shown. ---------- Then, the folders created are not really private. If you want to hide them to public, you should secure your server otherwise, outside WordPress. Consider using .htaccess: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} upf-docs [OR]RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} many-more-folders [OR]RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} ^.(pdf|doc|zip|xslx|odt)$RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.wordpress_logged_in.$ [NC]RewriteRule (redirect to your login page)
Agosto 17, 2023 3 replies
It's the kind of plugin that I've been looking for but I'm missing some basic features. I for example can't seem to able to bulk select and download files. I'm also not able to download entire folders (zipping and than downloading them like google drive would be nice). It would also be nice to have those options in a right mouse click menu.
Agosto 3, 2023 2 replies
This plugin is superb, after searching for a plugin / script like this for a long time for a project I could not find one and eventually came across User Private files. Awesome functionality, Easy to use and good looking UI and the support has been second to none, we needed support on a small matter with the plugin and the response was rapid and problem solved in no time at all. Seriously cannot recommend this plugin and these guys enough, I have dealt with many different software programs, plugins, support teams and so on through my work and these guys are absolutely superb. Highly recommend. Once again guys Thank You
Hulyo 29, 2023
I use this plugin for a social Organisation I am working for beside my „normal job“. I am very happy to share files depending on user roles. This is our modern and customizable cloud and we love to work with this! thanks also for the great Support!
Hulyo 28, 2023
I've been looking for a plugin like this for a while, and have been delighted with it so far. It's really easy to use, which is perfect for some of my less tech-savvy website users! I've hit a couple of snags, but the support team has been quick to respond (and courteous with it), and they've even taken up new feature ideas.
Hulyo 26, 2023
Waste of time and money.Does not work as it should.Over 90% use mobile phone for internet access, but this plugin is not mobile friendly, this is not because of my theme or anything because all other plugins work fine. I uninstall this plugin, too bad about the money wasted Support tried to help but was not successful
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  • 2023-09-22
  • [Security] – Added extra permission checks during file/folder requests.


  • 2023-09-02
  • [Security] – Vulnerability issue fixed for stored XSS type from the admin settings screen.
  • Fixed – Video playback for classic layout.
  • Tested with WP version 6.3.1.


  • 2023-07-11
  • Fixed emails not being sent issue.


  • 2023-06-01
  • Code Cleanup.
  • Updated plugin title and description.


  • 2023-04-24
  • Huge Update – Current PRO version features included in the free version now.
  • New modern full width design option with support for classic design.
  • Folders/Directory system – Users can Create / Rename / Delete / Share folders
  • Users can upload / move files within different folders
  • Option for admin to share files with all users or users with a specific role
  • Comments – Users can comment on shared files
  • Trash folder functionality
  • Email notification functionality
  • Interactive Dropbox like design
  • Search for files and folders
  • Filter shared files by user email address
  • And many more features from the PRO version


  • 2022-07-09
  • [Security] – Vulnerability issue fixed where not-allowed file types are being uploaded like php files.


  • 2022-03-15
  • [Security] – Improved security.


  • 2022-03-13
  • [Security] – security issue fixed where user emails might get exposed on the site. Thanks to WP plugin review team!
  • [Security] – Improved security with nonce verification.


  • 2022-02-03
  • Fixed a reported conflict where uploaded file was not loading.
  • Fixed a bug – larger files were getting wrong upload path.


  • 2021-11-15
  • Fixed a reported bug for editing uploaded files


  • 2021-11-04
  • Fixed the CSS conflict with some theme for file upload button


  • 2021-10-20
  • Fixed the popup not showing issue after file uploaded with some theme