Akismet Anti-Spam


Akismet checks your comments and contact form submissions against our global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content. You can review the comment spam it catches on your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.

Pangunahing mga feature sa Akismet:

  • Awtomatikong nagchechek ng lahat ng mga komento at nagfifilter ng ibang mga mukhang spam.
  • Ang bawat komento ay may status history, kaya makikita mo agad kung anong mga komento ang nahuli o naklaro ng Akismet at kung ano ang naka-spam at hindi naka-spam ng moderator.
  • Ang mga URL ay makikita sa comment body upang makita ang mga nakatago o nakakalinlang na link.
  • Ang mga moderator ay maaaring makita ang mga aprubadong komento para sa kada user.
  • Ang feature na direktang nagbubura ng pinakamasamang spam, ay nagse-save sa iyo ng disk space, na nagpapabilis ng iyong site.

PS: You’ll be prompted to get an Akismet.com API key to use it, once activated. Keys are free for personal blogs; paid subscriptions are available for businesses and commercial sites.


Upload the Akismet plugin to your blog, activate it, and then enter your Akismet.com API key.

1, 2, 3: Tapos na!


Marso 18, 2020
I have used Akismet for since my first site 10 years ago. This has been by far the best anti-spam fighter I have used. I keep it even in conjunction with other protective software without conflicts. Try it, you'll like it. Very inexpensive to purchase. Easy to set-up.
Marso 14, 2020
Have only been using this for a month or so on our test wordpress site. It does catch some basic spam comments and form submits, but in general it does not stop most bot-spam from filling out our forms. We've had to add captcha which made a much larger dent in the volume of spam but even the combination of the two is not stopping all spam, maybe 85% of it.
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Release Date – 17 March 2020

  • Only redirect to the Akismet setup screen upon plugin activation if the plugin was activated manually from within the plugin-related screens, to help users with non-standard install workflows, like WP-CLI.
  • Update the layout of the initial setup screen to be more readable on small screens.
  • If no API key has been entered, don’t run code that expects an API key.
  • Improve the readability of the comment history entries.
  • Don’t modify the comment form HTML if no API key has been set.


Release Date – 31 October 2019

  • Prevented an attacker from being able to cause a user to unknowingly recheck their Pending comments for spam.
  • Improved compatibility with Jetpack 7.7+.
  • Updated the plugin activation page to use consistent language and markup.
  • Redirecting users to the Akismet connnection/settings screen upon plugin activation, in an effort to make it easier for people to get setup.


Release Date – 14 May 2019

  • Fixed a conflict between the Akismet setup banner and other plugin notices.
  • Reduced the number of API requests made by the plugin when attempting to verify the API key.
  • Include additional data in the pingback pre-check API request to help make the stats more accurate.
  • Fixed a bug that was enabling the “Check for Spam” button when no comments were eligible to be checked.
  • Improved Akismet’s AMP compatibility.


Release Date – 31 January 2019

  • Fixed the “Setup Akismet” notice so it resizes responsively.
  • Only highlight the “Save Changes” button in the Akismet config when changes have been made.
  • The count of comments in your spam queue shown on the dashboard show now always be up-to-date.


Release Date – 12 November 2018

  • Added a WP-CLI method for retrieving stats.
  • Hooked into the new “Personal Data Eraser” functionality from WordPress 4.9.6.
  • Added functionality to clear outdated alerts from Akismet.com.


Release Date – 19 June 2018

  • Improved the grammar and consistency of the in-admin privacy related notes (notice and config).
  • Revised in-admin explanation of the comment form privacy notice to make its usage clearer.
  • Added rel="nofollow noopener" to the comment form privacy notice to improve SEO and security.


Release Date – 28 May 2018

  • Based on user feedback, the link on “Learn how your comment data is processed.” in the optional privacy notice now has a target of _blank and opens in a new tab/window.
  • Updated the in-admin privacy notice to use the term “comment” instead of “contact” in “Akismet can display a notice to your users under your comment forms.”
  • Only show in-admin privacy notice if Akismet has an API Key configured


Release Date – 26 May 2018

  • Moved away from using empty( get_option() ) to instantiating a variable to be compatible with older versions of PHP (5.3, 5.4, etc).


Release Date – 26 May 2018

  • Corrected version number after tagging. Sorry…


Release Date – 26 May 2018

  • Added a hook to provide Akismet-specific privacy information for a site’s privacy policy.
  • Added tools to control the display of a privacy related notice under comment forms.
  • Fixed HTML in activation failure message to close META and HEAD tag properly.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent Akismet from being correctly auto-configured.


Release Date – 19 February 2018

  • Added a scheduled task to remove entries in wp_commentmeta that no longer have corresponding comments in wp_comments.
  • Added a new akismet_batch_delete_count action to the batch delete methods for people who’d like to keep track of the numbers of records being processed by those methods.


Release Date – 18 December 2017

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Akismet to recheck a comment that has already been manually approved or marked as spam.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Akismet to claim that some comments are still waiting to be checked when no comments are waiting to be checked.


Release Date – 6 November 2017

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent some users from connecting Akismet via their Jetpack connection.
  • Ensured that any pending Akismet-related events are unscheduled if the plugin is deactivated.
  • Allow some JavaScript to be run asynchronously to avoid affecting page render speeds.


Release Date – 19 September 2017

  • Added REST API endpoints for configuring Akismet and retrieving stats.
  • Increased the minimum supported WordPress version to 4.0.
  • Added compatibility with comments submitted via the REST API.
  • Improved the progress indicator on the “Check for Spam” button.


Release Date – 3 August 2017

  • Disabled Akismet’s debug log output by default unless AKISMET_DEBUG is defined.
  • URL previews now begin preloading when the mouse moves near them in the comments section of wp-admin.
  • When a comment is caught by the Comment Blacklist, Akismet will always allow it to stay in the trash even if it is spam as well.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing an error from being shown when a site can’t reach Akismet’s servers.


Release Date – 13 July 2017

  • Reduced amount of bandwidth used by the URL Preview feature.
  • Improved the admin UI when the API key is manually pre-defined for the site.
  • Removed a workaround for WordPress installations older than 3.3 that will improve Akismet’s compatibility with other plugins.
  • The number of spam blocked that is displayed on the WordPress dashboard will now be more accurate and updated more frequently.
  • Fixed a bug in the Akismet widget that could cause PHP warnings.


Release Date – 10 May 2017

  • Fixed a bug causing JavaScript errors in some browsers.


Release Date – 2 May 2017

  • Improve performance by only requesting the akismet_comment_nonce option when absolutely necessary.
  • Fixed two bugs that could cause PHP warnings.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Remove author URL” feature from working after a comment was edited using “Quick Edit.”
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the URL preview feature from working after a comment was edited using “Quick Edit.”


Release Date – 23 February 2017

  • Updated the Akismet admin pages with a new clean design.
  • Fixed bugs preventing the akismet_add_comment_nonce and akismet_update_alert wrapper functions from working properly.
  • Fixed bug preventing the loading indicator from appearing when re-checking all comments for spam.
  • Added a progress indicator to the “Check for Spam” button.
  • Added a success message after manually rechecking the Pending queue for spam.


Release Date – 6 September 2016

  • Added a WP-CLI module. You can now check comments and recheck the moderation queue from the command line.
  • Stopped using the deprecated jQuery function .live().
  • Fixed a bug in remove_comment_author_url() and add_comment_author_url() that could generate PHP notices.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an infinite loop for sites with very very very large comment IDs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Akismet widget title to be blank.


Release Date – 12 May 2016

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the “Check for Spam” button to skip some comments.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent some spam submissions from being sent to Akismet.
  • Updated all links to use https:// when possible.
  • Disabled Akismet debug logging unless WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_LOG are both enabled.


Release Date – 1 April 2016

  • Fixed a bug that could cause comments caught as spam to be placed in the Pending queue.
  • Fixed a bug that could have resulted in comments that were caught by the core WordPress comment blacklist not to have a corresponding History entry.
  • Fixed a bug that could have caused avoidable PHP warnings in the error log.


Release Date – 28 March 2016

  • Add compatibility with Jetpack so that Jetpack can automatically configure Akismet settings when appropriate.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some comment data from being sent to Akismet.


Release Date – 4 March 2016

  • Fixed a bug preventing Akismet from being used with some plugins that rewrite admin URLs.
  • Reduced the amount of bandwidth used on Akismet API calls
  • Reduced the amount of space Akismet uses in the database
  • Fixed a bug that could cause comments caught as spam to be placed in the Pending queue.


Release Date – 4 January 2016

  • Added documentation for the ‘akismet_comment_nonce’ filter.
  • The post-install activation button is now accessible to screen readers and keyboard-only users.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the “Remove author URL” feature from working in WordPress 4.4


Release Date – 14 December 2015

  • Improve the notices shown after activating Akismet.
  • Update some strings to allow for the proper plural forms in all languages.


Release Date – 13 October 2015

  • Closes a potential XSS vulnerability.


Release Date – 24 September 2015

  • Naayos ang bug na naghahadalang sa ibang mga user sa awtomatikong pagkonekta gamit ang Jetpack kung sila ay walang kasalukuyang suskrisyon sa Akismet.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause comments caught as spam to be placed in the Pending queue.
  • Ang mga error messages at instruksiyon ay mas pinasimple upang mas madaling maintindihan.
  • Ang mga link preview ay gumagana para sa lahat ng mga link sa loob ng mga komento, hindi lamang sa website link ng may-akda.


Release Date – 6 July 2015

  • Bigyan ng notipikasyon ang mga user kung ang kanilang account status ay magbabado matapos ang matagumpay na set up. Ito ay makakatulong sa ano mang mga user na makakakita ng blankong Akismet setting screen.


Release Date – 7 June 2015

  • Pinapaliit ang espasyo na ginagamit ng Akismet sa commentmeta table.
  • Nagayos ng bug kung saan ang mga komento na may quotes sa author name ay hindi nakakakuha ng history entries.
  • Mga pagpapabuti sa seguridad upang masiguro na ang Akismet plugin ay hindi magagamit ng attacker upang makompromiso ang WordPress installation.
  • Mas mahusay na UI para sa key entry field: payagan ang whitespace na masama sa umpisa o huli ng key at awtomatiko itong i-strip kung may naipasang form.
  • Kung gagawing hindi aktibo ang plugin, bigyan ng notipikasyon ang Akismet API para mamarkahan ang site bilang hindi aktibo.
  • Mas klarong error message.


Release Date – 17th March, 2015

  • Mga pagpapabuti sa “Tanggalin ang comment author URL” JavaScript
  • Isama ang pingback pre-check mula sa 2.6 branch.


Release Date – 11th March, 2015

  • Gumamit ng HTTPS base sa default para sa lahat ng mga request sa Akismet.
  • Ayusin ang situwasyon kung saan ang Akismet ay maaaring mag-strip ng HTML mula sa komento.


Release Date – 11th December, 2014

  • Ayusin upang magawa ang .htaccess na compatible sa Apache 2.4.
  • Ayusin upang maaaring matanggal ang https author URLs.
  • Ayusin upang maiwasan ang stripping part ng author URL kung magtatanggal at magdadagdag muli.
  • Natanggal ang “Check for Spam” button mula sa “Trash” at “Approved” na listahan, kung saan wala itong epekto.
  • Payagan ang automatic API key configuration kung naka-install ang Jetpack at nakakonekta sa WordPress.com account


Release Date – 3rd November, 2014

  • Naayos para sa pagpapadala ng maling data sa delete_comment action na maaaring magpigil sa pagbura ng lumang mga komento.
  • Nagdagdag ng filter upang hindi paganahin ang pag-log ng Akismet debugging information.
  • Nagdagdag ng filter para sa maximum comment age kung magbubura ng lumang spam comments.
  • Nagdagdag ng filter para sa bilang kada batch kung magbubura ng lumang spam comments.
  • Natanggal ang “Check for Spam” button mula sa Spam folder.


Release Date – 18th August, 2014

  • Performance improvements.
  • Naayos ang bug na maaaring magpaikli ng comment data na maipapapdala sa Akismet para sa checking.


Release Date – 9th July, 2014

  • Natanggal ang dependency sa PHP fsockopen function
  • Ayusin ang spam/ham reports upang gumana kung mairereport sa labas ng WP dashboard, halimbawa, mula sa Notifications o sa WP app
  • Tanggalin ang jQuery dependency para sa comment form JavaScript
  • Tanggalin ang mga hindi kinakailangang data mula sa ibang Akismet comment meta
  • Ang mga suspended keys ay magreresulta na ngayon sa lahat ng mga komento na ilalagay para sa moderation, hindi sa spam.


Release Date – 15th April, 2014

  • Ilipat ang Akismet sa Settings menu
  • I-drop ang Akismet Stats menu
  • Idagdag ang stats snapshot sa Akismet settings
  • Idagdag ang mga detalye ng subscription sa Akismet at status sa Akismet settings
  • Magdagdag ng contextual help para sa kada pahina
  • Pagbutihin ang Akismet setup upang magamit ang Jetpack upang ma-automate ang plugin setup
  • Ayusin ang “Check for Spam” upang magamit ang AJAX upang maiwasan ang page timeout
  • Ayusing ang Akismet settings page upang maging responsive
  • I-drop ang legacy code
  • Ayusin ang CSS at Javascript
  • Palitan ang lumang discard setting ng bagong “discard pervasive spam” feature.


Release Date – 18th March, 2014

  • Idagdag ang ajaz paging sa check for spam na button upang mapamahalaan ang maraming mga komento
  • I-optimize ang javascript at idagdag ang localization support
  • Ayusin ang bug sa link sa spam comments mula sa dashboard widget
  • Ayusin ang bug sa pagbura ng mga lumang komento upang maiwasan ang timeouts dahil sa napakaraming mga komento
  • Isama ang X-Pingback-Forwarded-For header sa outbound WordPress pingback verifications
  • Idagdag ang pre-check para sa pingbacks, upang mahinto ang spam bago magawa ang outbound verification.


Release Date – 1st August, 2013

  • I-update ang ‘Already have a key’ link upang madirekta muli ang pahina sa halip na mag-depende sa javascript
  • Ayusin ang ibang mga string na hindi masalin (sa wika) upang maging posibleng masalin
  • I-update ang Activation banner sa mga plugin page upang idirektang muli ang user sa Akismet config page


Release Date – 20th January, 2013

  • Gawing simple ang activation process para sa mga bagong user
  • Tanggalin ang reporter_ip parameter
  • Minor preventative security improvements


Release Date – 13th December, 2012

  • FireFox Stats iframe preview bug
  • Ayusin ang mshots preview habang gumagamit ng https
  • Magdagdag ng .htaccess upang i-block ang direct access sa files
  • Pigilan ang ibang mga PHP notice
  • Ayusin ang Check For Spam return location kung ang referrer ay empty
  • Ayusin ang Settings links para sa network admin
  • Ayusing ang prepare() warning sa WP 3.5


Release Date – 26th April, 2012

  • Iwasan ang retry scheduling problem sa mga site kung saan ang wp_cron ay hindi gumagana ng maayos
  • Preload mshot previews
  • Gawin modern ang widget code
  • Ayusing ang bug kung saan ang mga komento ay hindi na-hold para sa moderasyon habang may error condition
  • Pagbutihin ang UX at display kung ang mga komento ay temporaryong na-hold dahil sa error
  • Gawin ang Check For Spam button na magpuwersa ng retry kung ang mga komento ay na-hold dahilan ng error
  • Mamahala ng mga error na dahilan ng hindi balidong key
  • Huwag magsubok muli ng mga komento na masyadong luma na
  • Pagbutihin ang mga error message kung magkukumpirma ng API key


Release Date – 11th January, 2012

  • Magdagdag ng nonce check para sa comment author URL remove action
  • Ayusin ang settings link


Release Date – 5th January, 2012

  • Limitahan ang Akismet CSS at Javascript loading sa wp-admin upang ipantay ang mga pahina na nangangailangan nito
  • Nagdagdag ng author URL quick removal functionality
  • Nagdagdag ng mShot preview sa Author URL hover
  • Magdagdag ng empty na index.php upang maiwasan ang directory listing
  • Ilipat ang wp-admin menu items sa Jetpack, kung ito ay naka-install
  • I-purge ang lumang Akismet comment meta data, default para sa 15 days


Release Date – 8th Febuary, 2011

  • Tukuyin na ang lisensya ay GPL v2 o higit pa
  • Ayusin ang bug na maaaring magresulta sa orphaned commentmeta entries
  • Isama ang hotfix para sa WordPress 3.0.5 filter issue


Release Date – 14th January, 2011

  • I-format ng maayos ang comment count para sa author counts
  • Maghanap ng mga super admins sa multisite install habang naghahanap ng user roles
  • Pataasin ang HTTP request timeout
  • Natanggal ang padding para sa author approved count
  • Ayusin ang typos sa function name
  • I-set ang Akismet stats iframe height sa naka-pirming 2500px. Mas mabuti kung mayroong isang mataas na scroll bar imbis na dalawang magkatabi.


Release Date – 17th December, 2010

  • Ayusing ang bug na naging dahilang ng “Auto delete” option upang gawing hindi matagumpay ang pagbura ng maayos ng mga komento
  • Tanggalin ang comment nonce form field mula sa ‘Akismet Configuration’ page pabor sa paggamit ng filter, akismet_comment_nonce
  • Ayusin ang padding bug sa “author” column sa posts screen
  • Naidagdag ang margin-top sa “cleared by…” badges sa dashboard
  • Mag-ayos ng posibleng error kung magko-call ng akismet_cron_recheck()
  • Mag-ayos ng higit pang PHP warnings
  • Linisin ang XHTML warning para sa comment nonce
  • Ayusin para sa posibleng kondisyon kung saan masa-stuck ang naka-schedule na komento ay magchecheck muli
  • Linisin ang comment meta details pagkatapos burahin ang komento
  • Ipakita lamang ang status badge kung ang comment status ay nabago ng ibang tao/ibang bagay maliban sa Akismet
  • Ipakita ang ‘History’ link sa row-actions
  • Translation fixes
  • Napaliit ang font-size sa pangalan ng author
  • Nailipat ang “flagged by…” notification sa itaas na kanang bahagi ng comment container at natanggal ang heavy styling
  • Naitago ang “flagged by…” notification habang nasa dashboard


Release Date – 7th December, 2010

  • I-track ang comment actions sa ‘Akismet Status’ sa edit comment screen
  • Ayusin ang ibang natitirang lumang function calls ( props Mike Glendinning )
  • Gamitin ang HTTPS para sa stats IFRAME kung ang wp-admin ay gumagamit ng HTTPS
  • Gamitin ang WordPress HTTP class kung available
  • Ilipat ang admin UI code sa hiwalay na file, iload lamang kung kinakailangan
  • Magdagdag ng cron retry feature, upang mapalitan ang lumang connectivity check
  • I-display ang Akismet status badge katabi ang bawat komento
  • I-record ang history para sa kada komento, at i-display ito sa edit page
  • I-record ang kompletong comment bilang katulad ng ito ay orihinal na ipinasa sa comment_meta, para gamitin kung magre-report ng spam at ham
  • I-highlight ang mga link sa comment content
  • Bagong opsyon, “Ipakita ang bilang ng mga komento na iyong inapruba katabi ang bawat may-akda ng komento.”
  • Bagong opsiyon, “Gamitin ang nonce sa comment form.”


Release Date – 23rd August, 2010

  • I-spell na ang license ay GPLv2
  • Ayusin ang PHP warning
  • Ayusin ang mga lumang function calls sa WordPress
  • Ipakita ang delete_comment action kung magbubura ng mga komento
  • Ilipat ang code specific para sa mas lumang WP version sa legacy.php
  • General code clean up


Release Date – 5th June, 2010

  • Ayusing “Are you sure” nonce message sa config screen sa WPMU
  • Ayusing ang XHTML compliance issue sa sidebar widget
  • Baguhin ang author link; tanggalin ang ibang lumang reference sa WordPress.com accounts
  • I-localize ang widget title (core ticket #13879)


Release Date – 2nd June, 2010

  • Tanggalin ang mga potensyal na isyu sa ibang mga plugin na maaaring maging dahilan ng mga hindi totoong report


Release Date – 27th May, 2010

  • Naayos ang bug sa initial comment check para sa ipv6 address
  • I-report ang mga comment bilang ham kung sila ay malilipat mula sa spam papunta sa moderasyon
  • I-report ang mga komento bilang ham kung pipindutin ang undo pagkatapos ng spam
  • Gamitin ang transition_comment_status action kung available sa halip sa ibang mas lumang mga action para sa spam/ham submissions
  • Mas mahusay na mga diagnostic message kung ang PHP network functions ay hindi available
  • Mas mahusay na pamamahala sa mga komento ng mga user na naka-login


Release Date – 17th December, 2009

  • Magdagdag ng bagong AKISMET_VERSION constant
  • Paliitin ang posibilidad ng over-countring spam kung ang ibang spam filter plugin ay ginagamit
  • Huwag paganahin ang connectivity check kung ang API key ay hard-coded para sa WPMU


Release Date – 20th July, 2009

  • Ayusin ang global warning na pinakilala sa 2.2.5
  • Magdagdag ng changelog at adisyonal na readme.txt tag
  • Mag-ayos ng array conversion warning sa ibang mga bersyon ng PHP
  • Sumusuporta sa bagong WPCOM_API_KEY constant para sa mas madaling paggamit sa WordPress MU


Release Date – 13th July, 2009

  • Magsama ng bagong Server Connectivitiy diagnostic check, upang mag-detekta ng mga problema dahilan ng firewall


Release Date – 3rd June, 2009

  • Naayos ang key problem na naapektuhan ang stat feature sa WordPress MU
  • Magbigay ng adisyonal na impormasyon sa blog sa Akismet API calls