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Websites are one of the most important sources of leads for your business. That means your CRM system should be well integrated with your website to contextually capture each and every visitor to turn them into a lead.

Introducing the Zoho CRM Lead Magnet plugin for WordPress. This lets you create webforms, embed them in your website, and automatically capture leads directly into your CRM with zero attenuation.

Not only is the integration easy to set-up but it’s also easy on your wallet.

Overall usage flow

  1. Install the Zoho CRM forms plugin from the WordPress plugin Marketplace.
  2. Create a form using Zoho CRM webforms or Contact form 7 plugin.
  3. Configure the settings for your form.
  4. Use the short code to embed the form.
  5. A prospect’s information is automatically captured upon entering your site. All that’s left is lead nurturing.

For businesses that want to maximize their websites, the Zoho CRM Lead Capture plugin for WordPress CMS is an ideal solution.

Key features

Two forms, one solution

This plugin works well with forms created using Zoho CRM and Contact 7 Form plugin.

Light on code

Creating a form is incredibly simple and the entire process of establishing an integration involves a few drag-drops and copy-pastes. Simply create, embed, and capture.

Capture leads and more

Using this plugin not only lets you capture leads but also additional custom modules you create for unique business needs.

Capture. nurture. win.

The Information entered in a website’s form is automatically pushed into Zoho CRM with zero attenuation. Now you never miss out on another lead.

Light on your purse

The plugin is absolutely free of cost. No hidden fees, no additional costs. All you need is a website hosted with WordPress and a Zoho CRM account.

Special mail-tags support

  1. [_url]
  2. [_site_title]
  3. [_site_description]
  4. [_site_url]

For examples
[hidden get-url default:_url]
[hidden site_title default:_site_title]
[hidden site-description default:_site_description]
[hidden site-url default:_site_url]

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance: support@zohoextensions.com


  • Integrating Zoho CRM with Wordpress
  • Zoho CRM Forms
  • Creating a new form using Zoho CRM
  • Mapping fields with Zoho CRM
  • Configuring Contact Form 7
  • Mapping fields with Contact Form 7
  • Embedding the form created into a page/post.


  1. Install the WordPress plugin from WordPress Marketplace. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install via the Add New Plugin menu.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Once you activate your Zoho CRM forms plugin, you’ll be asked to authenticate access from Zoho CRM. To do that, simply enter the username and password of your CRM account.

The plugin installation is now complete and the integration between Zoho CRM forms and WordPress is established.


Pebrero 6, 2024
I encountered a significant issue when using the Zoho CRM Lead Magnet plugin (version in conjunction with ContactForm7 5.8.6 on WordPress. Upon activating the Zoho CRM Lead Magnet plugin without even configuring form field mappings, the email sending functionality becomes disabled, resulting in a 503 error response upon submission.This problem specifically arises in environments with PHP version 8.0.30.
Nobyembre 23, 2023
There is no way to remove a field from a form. (According to their support person) So, once you add a field, the only way to remove it is to start over. There is no hidden field support – like every other major form plugin. Upon asking support, was told that this would require modifying the wordpress code(?) and to talk to wordpress. (according to their support) Good concept – a form plugin that directly integrates to the CRM. It fails in the fact that it was developed by people who do not know how to write plugins and a support team that doesn’t understand them. At best this could be considered a beta version, but given the lack of ability to remove fields and the clunky interface, it is probably closer to alpha. What is worse is that if you ask for support, there is a 50% chance that you are told that Zoho is not the producer of the plugin and you have to get to someone who knows better. Avoid. Run away. Do not use.
Nobyembre 16, 2022 1 reply
“How to create client id and Screct key” on setup screen. User confirmation message, “Thank yous. The data has been submitted successfully.” Embarrassing for a large company to put this out.
Abril 30, 2021
I discourage anyone from using this plugin. When it works, it does what it should. When it breaks, don’t rely on Zoho for support. During two years of using the plugin, I’ve repeatedly been told by Zoho that it is simply not a Zoho product. Of course, it is managed and produced by the Zoho extensions team. And of course, occasionally I find someone at the Zoho Extensions team with time to investigate issues with this plugin, obviating the false claim from Zoho support teams that this is not a Zoho product. Three years after launch the plugin only has 3000 documented installations, which falls well below the threshold for user interest that would encourage reliable developer support. Zoho CRM email parsers not quite as efficient to set up, but if they break, they do not break functionality of live Webforms. I’ll probably work with Zoho to fix whatever is broken in this, but more likely I’ll be moving all my forms to an email parser for CRM integration.
Mayo 19, 2020
Hi. I have this issue in Wordpress after installing the plugin Zoho CRM Lead Magnet in WP I have entered the Domain zoho.in, my Client Id and Client secret and when I click Authenticate Zoho CRM button I’m redirected to Zoho Accounts where I enter username/password but after that I get this error message “invalid_redirect_uri”. Thank you!
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  • Added: Contact form relation issue fixed.
  • Responsive issue fixed
    Added jquery ui css file
  • Contact form hidden field issue fixed
  • jquery ui css file missing issue fixed
  • Multiselectpicklist hidden field issue fixed
    Added functionality for EU Account
    Css loading issue fixed
    Checkbox mapping issue fixed
    Registeration magic intergration merge issue fixed
    We have added authorization url (https://extensions.zoho.com/plugin/wordpress/callback) and 402,403 authorization issue fixed
    We have added authorization url (https://extensions.zoho.eu/plugin/wordpress/callback) issue fixed
    We have added authorization url (https://extensions.zoho.eu/plugin/wordpress/callback) issue fixed
    Code optimaztion
    Code optimaztion
    Specific layout issue fixed
    Code optimaztion
    Code optimaztion
    Code optimaztion
    EU Setup Authentication issue fixed
    Field migration issue fixed
    Added Multipicklist
    Code optimaztion
    Php version issue fixed
    Code optimaztion
    Contact form 7 captcha v3 api issue fixed
    Contact form 7 v3 api script issue fixed
    (Latest Contact form7 version)
    Php Notice issue fixed
    Php Notice issue fixed
    Added Form Submit Logs
    Added Form Submit Logs

Custom module related issue fixed
Hidden field related issue fixed
Security issue fixed check_admin_referer
performance issue fixed
performance issue fixed
performance issue fixed
performance issue fixed
redirection url issue fixed
rewrite an arbitrary option added
Hidden field issue fixed
checkbox field issue fixed
Added au domain centre
Lead Score mapping issue fixed
Added in domain centre and hidden field issue fixed
Security issue fixed
Security issue fixed
Security issue fixed
Security issue fixed and latest version updated
added option for international telephone option
Modules log added
Modules log added
Loading issue fixed
Added user lookup
performance issue fixed
performance issue fixed
Security issue fixed
Latest wordpress version updated and Security issue fixed
Security issue has been fixed
Security issue has been fixed
Security issue has been fixed
Security issue has been fixed
Get-url and site description field support added
Special mail-tags support
Added: GCLID field Support in Zoho CRM for Contact Form 7.
Added: A new tab added in the Zoho authentication.
Added: webform form save script error fixed.
Added: performance issue fixed.
Added: UI changes.
Added: Script issue has been fixed.
Added:Added Authentication check.
Added: SSL verified issue fixed
Added: GCLID field api issue fixed
Added: Japan data centre authentication option added
Added: Multiselect hidden field issue fixed
Added: Api data added to logs
Added: Api data added to logs
Added: removed empty space for email id
zcga.js file 404 issue fixed
Added : added fetch field option in the contact form
Added: In Japan dc added check for email encode
Added: Unused css removed
Added : Select2 component z-index issue has been fixed
Added : Unwanted Caching file has been removed
Added : Arbitrary Options Update vulnerability and Security check_admin_referer issue fixed
Added : Description Content Updated
Added much more escaping and sanitization where required. Attributes, URLs, and bare HTML are escaped.
Added individual function nonces for additional security, no longer reliant on a single nonce.
Changed most concatenation to formatted strings for clarity and ease of escaping.
Added Authorisation check and CSRF nonce for all the function
Added prefix for missing cases
Custom Phonetext field Supported
Custom Phonetext field Supported
Re authendication dynamic select issue fixed
Deal module api enabled
Php latest version compatibility check added
Jappense mapping issue fixed
Jappense mapping issue fixed
Removed unused javascript
Directorist plugin image loading issue fixed
Exclude html rendering issue fixed
Field reorder and owner field issue has been fixed
Wordpress latest version compatibility check and update
Wordpress latest version compatibility check and update
Wordpress latest version compatibility check and update
Added group by field support
Wordpress latest version compatibility check
Php latest version compatibility check and stripslashes version issue fixed
Added delete field option
Re authentication issue has been fixed
Php latest version compatibility check and stripslashes version issue fixed
Php latest version compatibility check and stripslashes version issue fixed
Security review issue has been fixed