WP Speed of Light


WordPress does not have a system for speed optimization by default. That’s why you need a powerful plugin that speed up WordPress with technical and advanced features, yet accessible to everyone.
WP Speed of Light starts with an advanced static cache, plus, you got a file minification and group tools, a database cleanup system, a .htaccess optimization, an auto-cache cleaner and a full CDN integration.

When it comes to performance loading time, it requires some test to identify which plugin, theme, page may require more attention.
WP Speed of Light also includes a speed loading test and compare, and a database queries test. To go one step beyond with your WordPress speed, a PRO ADDON upgrade (optional) with custom support is available.

More information and feature details here!

Video demo:

WP Speed of Light, speed optimization plugin features

  • Generate full static cache
  • Selective or global cache for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile
  • Check for GZIP compression activation
  • Remove Query strings: better score on Pingdom, Gtmetrix, Google Page Speed…
  • Minify resources (files): HTML, CSS, JS in a smart way to avoid conflicts
  • Group resources (files): CSS, JS in a smart way to avoid conflicts
  • Exclude files from group or minify
  • Add Expire Headers (browser cache)
  • Database optimization, clean: post revision, auto-draft content, trashed content, spam comments, trackbacks and pingbacks, transients options
  • CDN integration: load any CDN content
  • Automatic clean cache on interval and cache cleaner button
  • Automatic clean cache on content saving
  • Option to disable the WordPress REST API
  • Option to disable the WordPress RSS feeds
  • Cache external resources such as scripts served from Google (served locally)
  • WooCommerce dedicated integration
  • WordPress Multisite compatible
  • Page builders compatibility: ACF, DIVI Builder, Beaver Builder, Site Origine, Themify builder, Live Composer, Elementor…
  • Developer friendly using Hooks and Filters
  • Gutenberg auto-cache cleanup on save

PRO Addon plugin (optional): additional speed optimization

  • Image compression
  • Image lazy loading with page exclusion
  • Local Font and Google Font Group
  • Visual File Exclusion from Group & Minification
  • Cache Pre-Loading
  • DNS Prefetching
  • Cleanup CDN data: Cloudflare, KeyCDN, MaxCDN, Varnish, Siteground cache
  • Database Automatic Cleanup
  • Possibility to disable Emojis
  • Possibility to remove Gravatar
  • Possibility to load scripts in footer
  • Disable Cache per WordPress User Role
  • Page Caching Exclusion Using PHP Rules
  • Custom support for configuration

WP Speed of Light speed optimization testing:

  • Page loading time, first load
  • Page loading time, second load
  • First byte time
  • Time to start rendering
  • Element served from cache in %
  • Elements compressed with Gzip in %
  • Percent on compressed images

Get a comfortable navigation experience, a better search engine rank with a radical speed optimization

Main plugins from JoomUnited:


Before leaving a review >> Feel free to ask questions here in the support section, we reply to every question!
A dedicated private ticket support is also available on the website.


PHP 5.6+, PHP 7.x recommended for better performance, WordPress 5.0+


  • Main dashboard of the plugin with speed optimization check
  • Generate static cache, Gzip compression check, minification, browser cache
  • Test the speed of your WordPress pages to identify performance issues
  • Test the database queries to identify performance issues
  • Simple optimization settings, optimize in no time
  • Automatic and manual cache cleaner
  • Visual file inclusion/exclusion from file group and minify


To install the automatically:

  • Through WordPress admin, use the menu: Plugin > Add new
  • Search for WP Speed of Light
  • Click on install then click activate link

To install the plugin manually:

  • Download and unzip the plugin wp-speed-of-light.zip
  • Upload the /wp-speed-of-light directory to /wp-content/plugins/
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu on WordPress
  • Use the WP Speed of Light left menu

Once the plugin is installed, open the admin left menu WP Speed of Light.


Is WP Speed of Light 3rd party compatible?

It is, of course we can’t test with all dynamic element, yet you have some options to exclude some specific URL from optimization. You are welcome to send us compatibility request on our pre-sale forum or on the plugin directory support forum.

Can I use the plugin to do a Gutenberg Speedup optimization?

Yes sure, WP Speed of Light have a dedicated integration with Gutenberg, it can auto cleanup the content cache on saving.

Is WP Speed of Light free?

Yes, totally free of charge, fell free to install, update and even ask us questions on the WordPress plugin directory forum. We offer an optional free upgrade.

Is WP Speed of Light translated into other languages than English?

Yes, we use a translation tool accessible from the plugin setting where you can: get languages, translate, share translation with us (and get a gift for that)

Is WP Speed of Light compatible with WooCommerce?

Yes, we have added some specific code to remove specific dynamic data from cache.

How can I activate 100% of the optimization features?

In the plugin we’ve made a distinction between casual optimization like caching, Gzip compression, headers expire, query strings and advanced optimization like file group and minify.
You can activate all optimizations but, depending on your website, number, and complexity of your plugins, that you remove some files or pages from this optimization to avoid problems.
All websites cannot be 100% optimized, even the big websites on the market like amazon.com

How can I get 100% on pagespeed test?

Some Google pagespeed recommendations require that you modify your plugin code, at least how the script are called, to defer some script loading, for example.
At Google they’re actually smart enough not to consider a score based on criteria you can’t apply on all website BUT on loading time (refer to the Google Search Console)
Our recommendation here:
1. Focus only on loading time, not on your score
2. Use WebPageTest.org instead
3. All the tools are available to get a 100% page speed score in the plugin

Is WP Speed of Light compatible with any CDN? (Cloudflare, KeyCDN, MaxCDN)

Yes, because the CDN resource call use URLs along with content inclusion and exclusion options only, so you can use any CDN service.

Is WP Speed of Light compatible with Varnish cache

Yes, there’s a specific integration in the optional pro addon, that offer the automatic Varnish cache cleanup on content save and manual cleanup.

Is WP Speed of Light compatible with Siteground SuperCacher cache

Yes, there’s a specific integration in the optional pro addon, that offer the automatic Siteground SuperCacher cache cleaup on content save and manual cleaup.

What is the image lazy loading?

Lazy Load delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport will not be loaded before the user scrolls to them. This is super efficient on pages with a large number of images.
You also have an option to exclude URL from lazy loading.

Can I make a custom integration with another plugin?

Sure, WP Speed of Light is developer-friendly and contains several Hooks and Filters detailed here:


Oktubre 13, 2023
Just install and activate and even in a shared hosting very slow, this plugin will let you obtain a very good score in Wordpress health check. Very suggested, thank you for this free plugin! This inspires confidence even for advanced pro features.
Abril 12, 2023 4 replies
Nice extension, But can you fix the HTML to better fit to W3C specification Example: in the file ‘Configuration.php’: replace line 88, <span class=”wpsol-ab-images””> wit <span class=”wpsol-ab-images””> (to delete the bouble “”) Line 89 add the alt attribute, for example: alt=”spinner”
Enero 2, 2023 1 reply
After using each and every speed optimizer, I came to know that wprocket could be the last resort but somehow, I found speed of light and installed and activated that. The results came awesome. My page speed for both mobile and desktop reached 100%. I simply love this one and would suggest others to try it.
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Speed of Light” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“WP Speed of Light” has been translated into 2 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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  • Fix : Update the message of the PHP version check tool


  • Fix : Error in the plugin feedback


  • Fix : Minor HTML attribute error


  • Fix : Some PHP warnings


  • Add : Update JU translation tool with autosaving
  • Add : Instant installation of translation and help texts
  • Fix : Missing user roles in disable optimization for
  • Fix : Automatically preload cache from home page


  • Add : Addon feature: Image dimensions
  • Fix : Exclude some WooCommerce pages (cart, my account, checkout) not working


  • Fix : Error when clearing cache in some cases


  • Fix : Error when enable minify css in some cases
  • Fix : PHP warning when clean cache


  • Add : Compatiable with WP Speed of Light Addon 3.2 features


  • Fix : Missing Apache modules warnings in NginX server
  • Fix : Remove empty space in settings


  • Add : Automatically preload cache from the home page
  • Fix : Group & Minify features don’t work independently


  • Add : [breaking changes] Rewriting grouping js to avoid conflicts between js files as much as possible
  • Add : [breaking changes] Rewriting code base to follow PSR4
  • Add : Compatibility with Simple Custom CSS plugin
  • Add : Cache exclusion works with wildcard
  • Add : Allowing to group and or minify javascript independently
  • Fix : Minification of calc function removing required spaces


  • Fix : Install formal language in the plugin translation tool


  • Fix : Update document link


  • Fix : Conflict with DIVI page builder
  • Fix : Change text for tooltip on plugin dashboard


  • Fix : Tooltip cannot be displayed in admin panel
  • Fix : Total blocking time issues with defer


  • Fix : Remove the blank characters in javascript minified


  • Add : Google PageSpeed Insights integration and remove WebPageTest api from speed analysis


  • Fix : Grouping js conflict with select2 modules
  • Fix : Settings cannot be saved when using another translation plugin


  • Fix : Change data statistics method to increase performance in admin panel
  • Fix : CSS @import rule doesn’t work when group all CSS files


  • Fix : Remove strict mode in js file when grouping
  • Fix : Grouping js conflict with Braintree For WooCommerce


  • Fix : Translation sharing issue in some browsers


  • Fix : Group feature break style


  • Add : Compatibility Addon feature: WooCommerce speedup module
  • Fix : Fix responsive for the setting page


  • Fix : Change the way of getting technical data in feedback
  • Fix : Error when retrieving ghostscript information


  • Fix : Material fonts missing


  • Fix : Improve Apache module activation
  • Fix : Blog URL is not correct when using CDN rewrite
  • Fix : Rewrite Ju-feedback & Ju-rewrite


  • Add : Possibility to check wp-config.php file when active cache system
  • Fix : Change the interface of Varnish cache


  • Fix : Change the interface of feedback opt-in


  • Add : Opt In feedback
  • Add : Possibility to check if wp-config.php file is not writable
  • Fix : Change dashboard style & elements sizes


  • Fix : Potential RCE vulnerability


  • Fix : Change dashboard style & elements sizes
  • Fix : Fix Jutranslation url
  • Fix : Check version requirements


  • Fix : Exclude URL from the image lazy loading
  • Fix : Error on installer wizard (with Gutenberg plugin)
  • Fix : Change dashboard font & elements sizes


  • Add : Implement lazyloading exclusion by id or class selector
  • Fix : Restore comments with inline scripts in minify script
  • Fix : Blank screen when grouping css


  • Fix : Fix check module in system check


  • Fix : Admin page loading time improved


  • Fix : Multisite admin toolbar disappear


  • Fix : Font url to avoid breaking URLs


  • Add : Rewrite code from “Simple Cache” and “Autoptimize”
  • Add : After a cache cleanup, auto-reload the page
  • Add : Cleanup cache on Gutenberg save content
  • Fix : Remove direct CURL calls (security fix)
  • Fix : Admin responsive configuration & Speed optimization


  • Fix : Warning PHP in front end when using exclude
  • Fix : Fix style for safari browser
  • Add : WordPress 5.0 compatibility


  • Fix : Setting dropdown menu in Firefox
  • Fix : Speed Analysis with invalid API Key now return a proper error message


  • Fix : Installer error


  • Add : New UX for Speed Otimization and Speed Testing
  • Add : Possibility to search in plugin menus and settings
  • Add : New plugin installer with quick configuration
  • Add : Environment checker on install (PHP Version, PHP Extensions, Apache Modules)
  • Add : System Check menu to notify of server configuration problems after install
  • Add : Server testing before plugin activation to avoid all fatal errors


  • Add : Add actions and filters for developers


  • Fix : Sharing translations


  • Add : Import/Export plugin configuration
  • Add : Exclude URLs from the lazy loading


  • Add : Enhance code readability and performance with phpcs


  • Fix : Fix active cache system and expire headers option


  • Add : Integrate UX with WP Speed of Light Addon 2.1 features


  • Add : Option to disable the WordPress REST API
  • Add : Option to disable the WordPress RSS feeds
  • Add : Cache external resources such as scripts served from Google (served locally)


  • Fix : Files starting by // opened locally
  • Fix : Lower class name stdClass


  • Fix : Remove query string issue
  • Fix : Php warning when translation was modified


  • Fix : Using PHPCS to make standard definitions
  • Fix : Change preload cache activation method


  • Add : Change install message to a WP option, and display only once
  • Add : Compatiable with the PRO ADDON CDN cache cleanup


  • Add : Add a warning lightbox when the user activate the minification
  • Add : Add a left menu “More SpeedUp


  • Add : CDN integration: define CND URL and content
  • Add : CDN integration: define CND content exclusion
  • Add : CDN integration: force CDN relative or absolute path
  • Fix : Generate a different cache for http and https (if no redirect is made)


  • Add : Compatiable with the PRO ADDON plugin
  • Add : Move some configuration options to the speed optimization tab
  • Add : Allow exclusion with rules like www.domain.com/blog*
  • Add : Add time parameter for clean each
  • Fix : Fix a non well formed numeric value encountered with php 7.1


  • Add : Remove the Gzip feature by default and check server GZip activation
  • Add : GZip check on the dashboard and display a specific message when it’s not detected
  • Add : File grouping and file minification can now be activate separately


  • Fix : Vulnerability in placeholders
  • Fix : PHP error when htaccess is not writable
  • Fix : Remove query strings on WooCommerce


  • Add : Option remove Query Strings from static resources


  • Fix : Fix error cache when plugin directory changed
  • Fix : Fix show install message after reloading page


  • Fix : Store default settings on plugin activation
  • Fix : PHP error when minify HTML checked


  • Fix : Conflict with other plugins that used mobile detect script
  • Fix : Warning PHP when installed plugin on Addendio


  • Add : Dashboard: Add the PHP version check and File Group activation
  • Add : Option to serve cache for desktop, tablet and mobile: Global, Specific or No cache
  • Add : Detect mobile plugin theme provider and disable cache automatically (WPtouch…)


  • Add : Page builders compatibility : ACF, DIVI Builder, Beaver Builder, Site Origine, Themify builder, Live Composer, Elementor page builder
  • Add : Update the settings with On/Off button instead of checkbox
  • Add : Activate by default the clean cache button in the toolbar
  • Add : Change presentation text for ImageRecycle integration


  • Fix : Enhance PHP 5.2 plugin deactivation


  • Add : Add builtin translation tool


  • Fix : Support for russian language in URL exclusion tool
  • Fix : Check Gzip request


  • Fix : Read data from another server
  • Fix : Disable cache for admin user
  • Add : Replace Curl by wp_remote_get to get data


  • Fix : Add multisite compatibility: minify JS and CSS on multisite


  • Fix : Remove header expiration code in .htaccess when plugin is disabled


  • Add : Option to group js and css (after minification)


  • Add : WooCommerce dedicated integration
  • Add : Image compression ImageRecycle integration
  • Add : Clean cache on plugin settings save
  • Fix : Security, use wp_nonce in admin forms


  • Fix : PHP7 warning Missing argument
  • Fix : Add blank line to wp-config.php when activate and deactivate plugin
  • Fix : Remove everything from wp-config.php on uninstall
  • Fix : Cache activation message on first activation only
  • Fix : Gzip cache not activated on some servers


  • Add : Display clean cache button in frontend toolbar
  • Fix : Cache and purge cache on comments
  • Fix : Analysis cache size


  • Fix : White screen in first install


  • Add : Initial release