Braintree for WooCommerce Payment Gateway


The Braintree for WooCommerce gateway lets you accept credit cards and PayPal payments on your WooCommerce store via Braintree. Customers can save their credit card details or link a PayPal account to their WooCommerce user account for fast and easy checkout.

With this gateway, you can securely sell your products online using Hosted Fields, which help you meet security requirements without sacrificing flexibility or an integrated checkout process. Hosted Fields, similar to iFrames, are hosted on PayPal’s servers but fit inside the checkout form elements on your site, providing a secure, seamless means for customers to share their payment information.

Braintree for WooCommerce supports tokenization, letting your customers save their credit cards or connect their PayPal account for faster, easier subsequent checkouts. The gateway also supports WooCommerce Subscriptions to let you sell products with recurring billing and WooCommerce Pre-Orders, which supports accepting payments for upcoming products as they ship or up-front.

Powering Advanced Payments

Braintree for WooCommerce provides several advanced features for transaction processing and payment method management.

  • Meets PCI Compliance SAQ-A standards
  • Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions, and WooCommerce Pre-Orders
  • Customers can securely save credit cards or link PayPal accounts to your site
  • Easily process refunds, void transactions, and capture charges right from WooCommerce
  • Route payments in different currencies to different Braintree accounts (requires currency switcher)
  • Supports Braintree’s extensive suite of fraud tools
  • Supports 3D Secure
  • Includes express checkout options like Buy Now buttons on product pages and PayPal Connect buttons in the Cart
  • …and much more!


  • Enter Braintree credentials
  • Credit card gateway settings
  • Advanced credit card gateway settings
  • PayPal gateway settings
  • Checkout with PayPal directly from the cart
  • Checkout with PayPal directly from the product page


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP 5.4+ (you can see this under WooCommerce > Status)
  • WooCommerce 2.6+
  • WordPress 4.4+
  • An SSL certificate
  • cURL support (most hosts have this enabled by default)


Click here for instructions on installing plugins on your WordPress site. We recommend using automatic installation as the simplest method.


Automatic updates should work like a charm, though we do recommend creating a backup of your site before updating, just in case.

If you do encounter an issue after updating, you may need to flush site permalinks by going to Settings > Permalinks and clicking Save Changes. That will usually return things to normal!


Saan ko mahahanap ang dokumentasyon?

Great question! Click here to review Braintree for WooCommerce documentation. This documentation includes detailed setup instructions and information about using the gateway’s features.

Does this plugin work with credit cards, or just PayPal?

This plugin supports payments with credit cards and PayPal.

Does this plugin support recurring payment, like for subscriptions?

Yes! This plugin supports tokenization, which is required for recurring payments such as those created with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

What currencies are supported?

This plugin supports all countries in which Braintree is available. You can use your native currency, or you can add multiple merchant IDs to process different currencies via different Braintree accounts. To use multi-currency, your site must use a currency switcher to adjust the order currency (may require purchase). We’ve tested this plugin with the Aelia Currency Switcher (requires purchase).

Can non-US merchants use this plugin?

Yes! This plugin supports all countries where Braintree is available.

Does this plugin support testing and production modes?

Yes! This plugin includes a production and sandbox mode so you can test without activating live payments.

Credit cards are working fine, but PayPal’s not working. What’s going on?

It sounds like you may need to enable PayPal on your Braintree account. Click here for instructions on enabling PayPal in your Braintree control panel.

Can I use this plugin just for PayPal?

Sure thing! Click here for instructions on setting up this gateway to only accept PayPal payments.

Will this plugin work with my site’s theme?

Braintree for WooCommerce should work nicely with any WooCommerce compatible theme (such as Storefront), but may require some styling for a perfect fit. For assistance with theme customization, please visit the WooCommerce Codex.

Where can I get support, request new features, or report bugs?

First, please check out our plugin documentation to see if that addresses any of your questions or concerns.

If not, please get in touch with us through the plugin forums!


Hulyo 12, 2021
Never seen a site get hit as hard with credit card scams ever and whats worse is how easy this gateway seems to make it. The fraud protection is a joke and support is an even bigger joke. 3 open support tickets trying to get some help with fraud protection and willing to pay for the highest tier and nothing for a response - not even go away we don't want your business. Just tons of scam visa orders that braintree authorizes only to chargeback later. The chargeback process literally just leaves you hanging with no information at all to go back to. If you want to know the outcome of a dispute you have to make a special request and hope support even responds. Like I said - 3 open tickets now and zero response. Not exactly a service you want to hang your financial well being on. I believe they only care about big name partners since the experience I had on an enterprise Bigcommerce account with them vs what we have on WooCommerce is night and day. I switched to Stripe and instantly the scam orders stopped. Seems like it's a good revenue stream for braintree when they can allow fraud because they're taking the money from your account anyway so no loss on their end. Horrible experience with this gateway. As good as it was on BigCommerce it is the epitome of horrible with WooCommerce. The Paypal checkout process is decent but not enough to make up for this completely horrible service.
Marso 27, 2020
I would like to take a moment and give this payment gateway a 5 star review. It works perfectly out of the box for more than 4 years now. Support was needed 2 times and they were outstanding and quick (solution in around 1 day). Being a payment gateway, I appreciate the detailed and thorough analysis and recommendations that I received. Very much appreciated. Once again outstanding support for a FREE plugin.
Nobyembre 18, 2019
When I first installed the plugin it worked. Since then there have been several updates, but none of them would auto-install. This is the only plugin that gives me errors for auto-update. After a year or two of receiving these errors, I am giving up and deleting the plugin from the two sites that had it.
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Contributors & Developers


2.6.2 – 2021-11-16

  • Feature – Add support for disabling funding methods
  • Feature – Allow updating of expiration dates for credit cards in ‘My Account’
  • Tweak – Update ‘device data’ capture inner workings

See changelog for all versions.