Sape – website monetization


Plugin for automatic installation of the Sape system code on the webmaster’s site

Plugin for site monetization from Sape. The plugin supports the following monetization formats:

  • Rental Links
  • Sidewide rental links
  • Contextual rental links
  • Teaser blocks (links in teaser format)
  • Rental articles
  • Display advertising (RTB blocks)


Important! If you previously set the system code and folders manually, then delete them!

  1. In the WordPress admin panel, go to the “Plugins” section and click “Add New”.
  2. In the search field, enter “sape”, find our plugin and click the “Install” button. After installation, click “Activate”.
  3. After activating the plugin, go to its settings and enter your ID in the “User Key” field.
  4. Check off the monetization formats that we will post on the site. Save the settings.
  5. After setting, go to the “Outside view” -> “Widgets” section. The final step – you need to place in the right places of your topic (template) the monetization formats that you connected on the previous step. To do this, place widgets, for example, in Sidebar or Footer

Widget setup

All settings are optional – everything will work with the default settings. Let’s consider setting the widget using the example of “Sape: Rental Links” widget

  • Set a title (optional)
  • Set the number of links that will be displayed in the block (if left empty, all purchased links will be displayed)
  • If you want to display links in block format – specify Format=Block and set how the block will be displayed: vertically or horizontally
  • Click “Save” button




Hunyo 18, 2018
Добавлены картинки шпионы по одному пикселю с нескольких сайтов. Уроды короче.
Mayo 12, 2018
Данный плагин не работает на новой версии WP. Установил на старую, как пример на версию 4,3, все заработало.
Abril 27, 2018
Не рабочий плагин, его суть и роль непонятна. Все равно надо манаться с кодом или передать логин и пароль от сайта Сапе. Не рекомендую к использованию. Not a working plugin, its essence and role is incomprehensible. All the same, you need to navigate with the code or pass the login and password from the Sape website. I do not recommend to use.
Pebrero 14, 2018
Все сделал по инструкции, в коде сайта ничего нового не появляется, плагин не работает
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Contributors & Developers

“Sape – website monetization” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



v 0.01

First version

v 0.02

Change SAPE_USER.php generation

v 0.03

Change SAPE_context::replace_in_text_segment

v 0.04

Change store mode for links.db file

v 0.05

Fix multisite mode

v 0.06

SapeArticles: Work without URL-template and .htaccess config

v 0.07

Added backward compartibility for articles placement old common mode

v 0.08

Fix context back links placement
Fix split_data_file mode

v 0.09

Fix recreating articles
Fix deleting links in split_data_file mode

v 0.10

Fix duplicate articles

v 0.11

Fix duplicate articles

v 0.12

Add translator

v 0.13

Update translations

v 0.14

Upgrade translations

v 0.15

Change readme text

v 0.16

Change readme text

v 3.4

Compatible with Word Press 6.0
The ability to display verification code was added

v 3.4.1

Interface edits

v 3.4.2

Translate edits