Migrate WordPress Website & Backups – Prime Mover


Easily Transfer WordPress Site to New Host/Server/Domain

  • Move single-site installation to another single site server.
  • Move WP single-site to existing multisite sub-site.
  • Migrate subsite to another multisite sub-site.
  • Migrate multisite sub-site to single-site.
  • Migrate within WordPress admin.
  • WordPress backup and restore packages within single-site or multisite.
  • Backup WordPress subsite (in multisite).
  • You can backup the WordPress database within admin before testing something and restore it with one click.
  • Cross-platform compatible (Nginx / Apache / Litespeed / Microsoft IIS / Localhost).
  • Clone single site and restore it to any server.
  • Clone subsite in multisite and restore it as single-site or multisite.
  • Supports legacy multisites.
  • Debug package.

PRO Features

  • Save tons of time during migration with the direct site to site package transfer.
  • Move the backup location outside WordPress public directory for better security.
  • Migrate or backup WordPress multisite main site.
  • Encrypt WordPress database in backups for maximum data privacy.
  • Encrypt WordPress upload files inside backup for better security.
  • Encrypt plugin and theme files inside the backup/package for protection.
  • Export and restore the backup package from Dropbox.
  • Save and restore packages from and to Google Drive.
  • Exclude plugins from the backup (or network activated plugins if multisite).
  • Exclude upload directory files from the backup to reduce the package size.
  • Create a new multisite subsite with a specific blog ID.
  • Disable network maintenance in multisite so only affected subsite is in maintenance mode.
  • One-click button to delete all packages, temporary files, and logs.
  • Option to enable/disable migration and advance logging.
  • Configure migration parameters to optimize and tweak backup/migration packages.
  • It includes all complete restoration options at your own choice and convenience.
  • You can use the settings screen to manage all basic and plugin advanced configurations.



  • Single-site Migration Tools
  • Export options dialog
  • Export to single-site format example
  • Export to multisite subsite with blog ID of 23 example
  • Restore package via browser upload
  • Single-site package manager
  • Prime Mover network control panel
  • Export and restore package from Network Sites
  • Multisite network package manager


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Optionally, opt in to security & feature updates notification including non-sensitive diagnostic tracking with freemius.com. If you skip this, that’s okay! Prime Mover will still work just fine.
  4. You should see the Prime Mover Control Panel. Click “Go to Migration Tools” to start migrating sites.


What makes Prime Mover unique to other existing migration and backup plugins?

  • The free version has no restriction on package size, number of websites, mode of migration (single-site or multisite will work). We don’t put that kind of limitation.
  • The free version supports full WordPress multisite migration.
  • It can backup WordPress multisite sub-sites or migrate multisite.
  • No need to delete your WordPress installation, create/delete the database, and all other technical stuff. It will save you a lot of time.
  • This is not hosting-dependent. Prime Mover is designed to work with any hosting companies you want to work with.
  • The free version has full multisite migration functionality. This feature is usually missing in most migration plugins free version.
  • Full versatility – migrating from your localhost, dev site, or from a live site to another live site.
  • You will be doing the entire migration inside the WordPress admin. Anyone with administrator access can do it. There is no need to hire a freelancer to do the job – saves you money.
  • No messing with complicated migration settings, the free version has no settings on it. Only choose a few options to export and migrate, that’s it.
  • You can save, download, delete, and migrate packages using the management page.
  • No need to worry about PHP configuration and server settings. Compatible with most default PHP server settings even in limited shared hosting.
  • Prime Mover works with modern PHP versions 5.6 to 8.0 (PRO version requires at least PHP 7.0).
  • The code is following PHP-fig coding standards (standard PHP coding guidelines).
  • You don’t need to worry about setting up users or changing user passwords after migration. It does not overwrite existing site users after migration.

For more common questions, please read the plugin FAQ listed in the developer site.


Disyembre 23, 2021
I rarely do this, but this plugin is such a time saver, that if there is a 100 star rating, I would give it gladly. Looked for couple of days the ways to join single sites to a multisite, this is only solution and it works great. Much better than other similar plugins with same purpose. I will share it to our WP community as well. Thank you
Disyembre 20, 2021
The plugin is simple and smooth. I did have a small issue but after contacting support it was an error on my end and they quickly resolved it and helped me migrate a subsite to a single site. More impressively they helped during a typhoon! Now that is dedication! 100% recommended! 👌
Nobyembre 20, 2021
I've found this to work wonderfully with a legacy WP Multisite setup. Not many other plugins can work well with these old sites. Really impressive.
Nobyembre 8, 2021
This is about the only free plugin which let you, in a super simple and convenient way, backup a single subsite from a multi-site WP server setup and restore it to a single site server setup. I tested restoring a single site to a multi-site WP setup and it works flawlessly without any serious issue. Hats off to the developer! P.S. the developer seems to like air planes (GR4, C130), just like me, lol.
Nobyembre 1, 2021
Congratulations, this plugin works great. I have migrated from WordPress Multisite to a simple site, a function that no plugin including the paid ones. Works 100% Super fast and friendly support. Thanks
Oktubre 26, 2021
works great on multisite installations, even moving around large sites from one multisite to another works without problems!
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Contributors & Developers

“Migrate WordPress Website & Backups – Prime Mover” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed: Compatibility issue on servers that don’t return content length header response.
  • Fixed: Multisite subsite licensing errors.
  • Fixed: Corrupted remote URL downloads due to redirections.
  • Fixed: Unable to export/import due to third party plugin nonce issues.
  • Fixed: Runtime error due to third party theme custom codes.


  • Fixed: Updated all third party libraries to latest version.
  • Fixed: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Freemius::get_api_user_scope_by_user after import.
  • Fixed: Freemius licensing issues after restore on multisite.
  • Fixed: Incorrect absolute plugin path when getting plugin headers.


  • Fixed: All third party plugins conflict during restoration process.
  • Fixed: Performance issues on file logging causing crash in export/restore process.
  • Fixed: Search and replace issue on custom multisites.
  • Fixed: Generic URL scheme search and replace issue.
  • Fixed: Stuck restoration process due to missing user role on import.
  • Fixed: Search and replace issue when moving site to single-site subdirectory.
  • Fixed: PHP notices on constant already defined.
  • Fixed: Redundant Prime Mover plugin activation during restore.

See the previous changelogs in changelog.txt.