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Gravity PDF is the ultimate self-hosted solution for dynamically creating digital PDF documents using Gravity Forms and WordPress.

Highly Customisable PDFs

Out of the box you receive four highly-customisable PDF designs. Within minutes, you can personalise the look and feel by adding your company logo, header, footer, paper size / orientation, font, color and size. If these designs don’t suit, select a new one from the Template Shop, go Bespoke, or build your own using HTML/CSS/PHP.

Send as Email Attachment

Gravity PDF can automatically email the PDF to both the admin and the user as soon as the form is completed. Try combining this feature with one of Gravity Forms payment add-ons (like Stripe, Square, or PayPal) to delay the email until the payment is complete.

Privacy, Security, and GDPR

Gravity PDF generates PDFs on your web server, so no third-party service receives your data. Robust security protects your documents, and the plugin is GDPR-compliant for our European friends.

Digital document management with WordPress and Gravity Forms just became simple with Gravity PDF!

Free Feature

  • Unlimited Use, No Restrictions – There are zero hard limits to the number of PDFs you can configure across all your forms or generate on your entries. Gravity PDF does NOT stamp documents with our logo, limit the number of PDFs you can create per month, or purposefully restrict essential functionality to force you to upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Privacy and Security – your form data is never sent to a third party to generate the PDFs and the documents are generated directly on your web server. Strong access control policies are put in place to prevent unauthenticated access to your PDFs.
  • Multilingual – a multitude of languages from across the globe can be displayed in PDFs, include complex scripts like Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
  • Additional Fonts – match your branding and enhance the overall look and feel of PDFs by install your own fonts.
  • Columns – use Drag and Drop columns in Gravity Forms and PDFs will automatically mimic that layout.
  • Shortcode and Merge Tags – You can generate a link or URL to PDFs using both shortcodes and merge tags so your users can download the PDF right after form submission.
  • Export Entries – include the direct link to any PDF(s) when exporting your form entries
  • Webhooks Add-onsend the direct PDF link with Webhook requests when using Gravity Forms Webhooks add-on.
  • Gravity Flow – create complex workflows using Gravity Flow and automatically email Gravity PDF-generated documents at any step in the workflow.
  • GravityView – add links to PDFs when building a members area using GravityView + Advanced Filtering add-on.
  • Background Processing – generating PDFs on form submission can be time consuming. Offload it to a background process will ensure form submissions are processed faster.
  • Design PDFs – developers can build their own PDF templates using HTML, CSS, and PHP with the help of our developer documentation.
  • Documentation and Support – there is extensive documentation covering every feature of Gravity PDF that you can comb through, plus we provide free general support to all users.

Unlock More Functionality

Pay for additional PDF designs and functionality from our online store.

  • New Designs – get access to 9 additional universal designs, 4 invoices, and 3 letter styles
  • Additional customizations – watermark PDFs with your own logo or text, control fields that should be displayed per PDF, add field descriptions, display all checkbox or radio field options, add notes, show field values instead of labels, and hide the product table
  • On-screen Preview – allow users to preview the PDF before form submission (and optionally payment) so they can see what the end result will be. This is a great feature for capturing e-signatures, selling PDF reports / certificates / gift cards, or providing an on-screen proof before the PDF is sent to the printers (perfect for business cards).
  • Bulk Download – search, filter, and select entries and then zip up all your PDFs and download all together in a convenient zip file
  • GFChart – create PDF reports that display pie, bar, or column charts with aggregate Gravity Forms data using GFChart.
  • 30-Day Refund Guarantee – Purchase with confidence knowing when you buy a product from our store that you can get a refund within 30 days, for any reason.

Hire the Experts

Need a tailor-made solution for Gravity PDF that solves complex business problems? Our team of experienced developers have helped thousands of businesses like yours to accomplish these goals. We can even automatically fill out existing PDFs like government forms! Find out more.

Documentation & Support

We have extensive documentation on using Gravity PDF, and our friendly support team provides FREE basic support via (we do respond to questions in forums, but give priority to our support portal).


All development for Gravity PDF is handled via GitHub. Opening new issues or submitting a pull request is welcome.

The public roadmap is available on Trello. We’d love it if you vote and comment on your favorite ideas.

Keep up to date with Gravity PDF by subscribing to the newsletter, following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.

If you enjoy using the software we’d love it if you could give us a review!

Note: When Gravity Forms isn’t installed and you activate Gravity PDF we display a notice that includes an affiliate link to their website.


  • Select various PDF templates (designs), attach to Notification emails, give a unique filename using merge tags, and apply conditional logic to the PDF
  • Control the paper size, orientation, font, size, and color, and whether to layout the document in RTL mode
  • Each template (design) has unique settings that allow you to change the appearance. Common settings include: Header, Footer, Background Color and Image, display HTML Fields, the Form Title, and enable Conditional Logic for the fields.
  • Password protect PDFs, format the PDF for long-term archiving (PDF/A-1b) or printing (PDFX-1a), and adjust the access control policies.
  • Zadani is a minimalist business-style PDF design that will generate a well-spaced document great for printing.
  • Rubix uses stylish containers to create an aesthetically pleasing PDF design.
  • Focus Gravity providing a classic layout which epitomises Gravity Forms Print Preview. It’s the familiar layout you’ve come to love in PDF format.
  • Blank Slate provides a print-friendly PDF design focused solely on the user-submitted data.
  • View individual PDFs on Gravity Forms Entry List page.
  • A flyout menu is shown when multiple PDFs are configured on a form when viewing on the Entry List page.
  • View or Download PDFs on the Gravity Forms Entry Details page from the PDFs metabox.
  • The Font Manager allows you to add, update, search, select, and delete custom fonts for use with Gravity PDF.
  • Design your own PDF templates and install via the PDF Template Manager. Or purchase a design from our online store.
  • Get detailed info about the state of Gravity PDF on your site from Gravity Forms System Status page
  • Easily uninstall and delete all Gravity PDF data from your website
  • A bunch of paid PDF designs are available, as well as additional functionality.


Gravity PDF can be run on most modern shared web hosting without any issues. It requires PHP 7.3+ and at least 128MB of WP Memory. You’ll also need to be running WordPress 5.3+ and have Gravity Forms 2.5+ (affiliate link).

You’ll find detailed installation instructions at

If you aren’t able to meet the v6 minimum requirements you can download v5 which we still support.


Setyembre 27, 2021
The Gravity PDF plugin actually helped us to make a significant positive change to how we handle estimates. Thanks to Jake and the team we were able to dial in a professional-looking PDF and it's proving to be a great return for us. We also had some custom help from Jake to make it fit our needs better. Thank you!
Setyembre 15, 2021
I've been using Gravity PDF since a year ago, and it's the best PDF generator solution I have found. Besides that, support is fast and efficient, so if you have Gravity Forms and need a PDF report of any kind, this is your plugin.
Hulyo 19, 2021
This company deserves all the praise they get! Responsive and helpful whilst having the best software. Do not hesitate to use their services!!
Hunyo 30, 2021
Wonderful service, Great products and support. I've never been more happy with an addon/plugin that I paid for online.
Mayo 26, 2021
We've been working on a series of document production and automation projects that together constitute a key part of an extensive "business transformation" initiative. PDF production from form input is a key requirement of several dozen different workflow components. We've experimented with several different solutions (most have been WordPress-based), and many were actually quite good. But this particular option wins, hands down, on three counts: The plugin itself is a strong performer, stable, easy to use, and plays nicely with the WordPress UI. Integration with Gravity Forms is so thorough, that we haven't had to compromise on any of our objectives. Support is nothing short of stellar! I only wish more of the providers we work with could model their efforts after the support offered by our new friends at Gravity PDF. Yes, I know I sound a little fan-boyish. I'm a fan.
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Contributors & Developers

“Gravity PDF” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Feature: Add Copy to Clipboard feature for PDF Shortcode on the PDF List page
  • Bug: Fix empty check on the Radio field so a zero (0) value is not considered empty


  • Bug: Reduce the Focus Gravity template column widths by a fraction to prevent edge-case display issues (props Hiwire Creative)
  • Bug: Fix Help page results text encoding problems
  • Bug: Prevent multiple font files being uploaded to a single dropzone
  • Bug: When checking if a Radio/Select field is empty in the PDF context, only look at the value property.


  • Bug: Fix up 404 link for Outdated Templates in System Status
  • Bug: Revert vendor aliasing for mPDF and querypath (back to the original namespace) as it caused more problems than is solved. Developers: see


  • Bug: When displaying the minimum Gravity Forms version not met error, remove beta-1 as the minimum to prevent confusion.


This major release is designed specifically for Gravity Forms 2.5+ and includes breaking pages that may affect you. You are strongly encouraged to review the upgrade guide before attempting to update to v6.


  • New minimum requirements PHP7.3+, WordPress 5.3+, Gravity Forms 2.5+
  • Removed Gravity PDF v3 template stylesheet (swap legacy PDF template to Focus Gravity template)
  • Removed Gravity PDF v3 to v4 migration code (upgrade to v4/v5 before attempting v6 upgrade)
  • (Dev) Moved all vendor (Packagist) packages to new GFPDF_Vendor/ namespace (BC aliasing for common classes included). Prevents all vendor conflicts with other plugins.
  • (Dev) Removed “Setup Custom Templates” tool (manually copy over template files to PDF Working Directory)
  • (Dev) Removed shortname property from custom_fonts global PDF options, and removed the requirement for the font_name to be unique (use id instead of shortname).
  • (Dev) Changed the first parameter $font_name in GPDFAPI::delete_pdf_font() to $font_id instead. You can no longer delete the font by
    its name, as it is no longer a unique identifier.
  • (Dev) Majority of admin user interface markup (UI) changed to suit new GF2.5 UI ()
  • (Dev) Renamed \GFPDF\Helper\Fields\Field_CreditCard class to Field_Creditcard
  • (Dev) Change \GFPDF\Model\Model_Install __construct signature by removing Helper_Abstract_Forms dependancy from the start and adding Model_Uninstall at the end
  • (Dev) Change \GFPDF\Model\Model_System_Report __construct signature by adding new Helper_Templates dependancy at the end
  • (Dev) Removed \GFPDF\View\View_Settings::system_status method. Replaced by Controller_|Model_|View_System_Report classes for direct integration with Gravity Forms System Status page
  • (Dev) Removed undocumented gfpdf_entry_detail_pre_container_markup and gfpdf_entry_detail_post_container_markup actions
  • (Dev) Adjusted ID from #tab_pdf to #tab_PDF for container on Global PDF settings page. This ensures both the Global and Form PDF settings use a consistent ID.
  • (Dev) Change \GFPDF\Model\Model_Install __construct signature by removing Helper_Abstract_Forms dependancy from the start and adding Model_Uninstall at the end
  • (Dev) Change \GFPDF\Model\Model_System_Report __construct signature by adding new Helper_Templates dependancy at the end
  • (Dev) Removed \GFPDF\View\View_Settings::system_status method. Replaced by Controller_|Model_|View_System_Report classes for direct integration with Gravity Forms System Status page
  • (Dev) Removed undocumented gfpdf_entry_detail_pre_container_markup and gfpdf_entry_detail_post_container_markup actions
  • (Dev) Adjusted ID from #tab_pdf to #tab_PDF for container on Global PDF settings page. This ensures both the Global and Form PDF settings use a consistent ID.
  • (Dev) Deprecate Helper_Abstract_Options::get_font_short_name(). No direct replacement as the font ‘shortname’ has been phased out (using unique ID now).
  • (Dev) Updated field description markup to use DIVs instead of SPANs. Matches Gravity Forms RC1
  • (Dev) Deprecate these methods from \GFPDF\Model\Model_Install: uninstall_plugin, remove_plugin_options, remove_plugin_form_settings, remove_folder_structure, deactivate_plugin. All moved to Model_Uninstall.


  • Brand new admin user interface (UI) to seamlessly match the Gravity Forms (GF) 2.5 UI.
  • Added support for new GF columns feature in Core PDFs
  • Add PDF column support for Gravity Perks Nested Forms
  • Added RTL support for new GF columns feature in Core PDFs
  • Refreshed Font Manager with better validation, error handling, and automatic support for fonts that include Open Type Layout features.
  • Added new PDF metabox on Entry Details page. Includes a better user experience for forms with a lot of PDFs configured.
  • Added new merge tag modifiers :download, :print, :signed, :signed:expiry to enhance existing PDF mergetag (modifiers can all be used in conjunction)
  • Add PDF URL to Webhook add-on “All Fields” request body
  • Add ability to include PDF URLs in Entry exports
  • Add Gravity PDF info to Gravity Forms System Status page
  • Show plugin downgrade prompt when minimum WordPress, Gravity Forms, or PHP requirements aren’t met so users can easily roll back to the latest supported v5.x version.
  • Add support for WordPress’ native Background Updates
  • Add accessibility improvements for keyboard users and screen readers on all Gravity PDF UIs
  • Display warning on System Status page when Core template overrides are out of date
  • Include Add/Update PDF button below each section on PDF creation page to make it easy to save
  • Improve RTL support on admin pages


  • Remove the Always Save PDF setting from the UI.
  • Switch all Radio PDF settings to new Toggle setting
  • Switch all Multiselect PDF settings to Checkbox field (better accessibility)
  • Rename PDF setting “Name” to “Label”
  • Replace asterisk * to text (required) to signify required fields (better accessibility)
  • Rename PDF setting “Orientation” to “Paper Orientation”
  • Refine PDF settings descriptions.
  • Removed Welcome Page
  • Move Paper Size global settings below the Template / Font settings
  • Removed rich Select functionality (using Chosen) in UI for greater accessibility
  • Remove WP Dialog prompts in UI for greater accessibility
  • Move Gravity PDF uninstaller from Tools tab to Gravity Forms Uninstall settings page


  • Ignore content-type header API response when running the Core Font installer
  • Make all GFPDFAPI API class error responses translatable
  • Fix PHP8 notice
  • Prevent background queue from continuing if retry limit reached on unrecoverable task (like generating the PDF)
  • Adjust custom paper size sanitize logic to fix PHP error
  • Check for invalid relative date when using Signed PDF URLs and fallback to default timeout
  • Fix border display issue in Core Product table
  • Show error message in Template Manager when maximum file size limit is reached


  • Rewritten all CSS in SASS
  • Add GPDFAPI::get_entry_pdfs( $entry_id ) method to API. Acts like GPDFAPI::get_form_pdfs( $form_id ) but filters out any PDFs that don’t pass conditional logic checks for the current entry.
  • Added Helper_Abstract_Config_Settings class which template config files can extend to automatically have the current PDF settings injected into the class.
  • Adjusted some logged items to use less severe alerts (when template config file doesn’t exist, and when native PDF support for a field doesn’t exist)
  • Upgrade vendor packages to latest versions
  • Remove all backbone.js and underscore.js Font Manager code from Gravity PDF admin pages
  • Remove gulp as dependency (build is done using only webpack now)
  • Add better error log messages for PDF Merge tag processing
  • Pass additional information to the gfpdf_field_container_class filter

See CHANGELOG.txt for version 5/4/3 changelog history.