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Sell access, Automate, and add Engaging Exclusive Discord Access: Introducing the MemberPress Discord Addon — Elevate Your Community!

Sell access, Automate, and add Engaging Exclusive Discord Access: Introducing the MemberPress Discord Addon — Elevate Your Community!


Transform your WordPress membership site into a thriving Discord community with our powerful plugin. Seamlessly sell private access to exclusive Discord channels, unlocking new revenue streams for creators. Automate member management, syncing roles between your membership site and Discord server effortlessly.

Engage your audience with voice, video, and chat features in a controlled environment.

With over 19+ features, including automated role assignment, expiration handling, and direct messaging, you’ll save time while boosting member engagement. Perfect for content creators, coaches, moderators, and community leaders looking to monetize their expertise. Elevate your membership offering and create a vibrant, interactive space for your most dedicated followers.

Manual | Support | Demo | Premium Features

  • Unlock Exclusive Discord Realms: Elevate your members’ experience with access to private Discord servers tailored to their membership tier. Create an air of exclusivity that keeps subscribers coming back for more.

  • Focused Discussion Hubs: Craft specialized Discord channels for each of your courses and hot topics. Watch as members dive into rich, targeted conversations and make valuable connections with like-minded peers.

  • Direct Line to Experts: Host electrifying Q&A sessions and support discussions on Discord. Give your members the thrill of real-time interaction with instructors, fostering a dynamic and supportive learning ecosystem.

  • Instant Buzz Generator: Keep your community on the pulse with lightning-fast Discord notifications. From fresh content drops to can’t-miss webinars, ensure your members are always in the know.

  • Make Unbreakable Community Bonds: Harness Discord’s interactive magic – voice chats, video calls, and more. Watch your community transform into a vibrant, engaged family of members eager to share and grow.


Seamless Member Management:
1. Effortless Discord-Membership account linking
2. Auto-role updates on membership expiration
3. Instant role adjustments upon membership cancellation
4. One-click role changes via WP User Management
5. Smart handling of the “Cancel on Next Payment Date” option

Advanced Role & Access Control:
6. Dynamic role assignment based on membership tiers
7. Admin superpowers for role management
8. Customizable default roles for new Discord connections
9. Flexible server access settings post-membership
10. Tailored roles for expired or canceled memberships
11. Pre-checkout Discord authentication option
12. Downgrade will remove old discord roles.
13. Search members by their Discord Username or Discord ID in the member list.
14. Admin can decide if membership should stay in their discord server when membership expires or is canceled.

Engagement Boosters:
15. Automated expiration notifications via Discord DM
16. Personalized cancellation messages straight to Discord
17. Proactive membership renewal reminders

Customization & Seamless Integration:
18. Versatile [mepr_discord_button] shortcode for easy implementation
19. One-click Discord server joining with the optional default role
20. Sleek button styling options in plugin settings
21. Developer-friendly button hiding feature

Transform your membership site into a thriving Discord community with these powerful tools designed for creators who mean business!


Pro Version Addon Features for MemberPress-Discord

  • A. Enhanced Role Management
    The Pro version supercharges your Discord integration with cloud-powered API calls. This advanced feature takes role management to new heights, ensuring lightning-fast synchronization between your membership site and Discord server. Experience seamless, efficient role updates that keep your community perfectly organized with minimal effort.

  • B. Premium Support Services
    Email Support: Subscribers of the Pro version gain access to dedicated email support. This service ensures that any technical issues or questions related to the MemberPress-Discord integration are promptly addressed by a team of experts. This level of support is crucial for maintaining a seamless and uninterrupted community experience, particularly for large communities where quick resolution of issues is paramount.

  • C. Custom Integration Services
    Free Consultation for Custom Discord API Integrations: A standout feature of the Pro version is the offer of a free consultation for developing custom Discord API integrations. This service is invaluable for community managers looking to customize their Discord experience to fit unique community needs. Whether it’s developing specialized bots, automating specific community functions, or integrating with other software, the Pro version opens up a world of possibilities for bespoke community solutions. This feature not only adds tremendous value to the addon but also demonstrates.
  • D. PRO Feature Release Roadmap:
    Access release roadmap for memberpress discord pro.

  • E. Cloud Version Support
    Our cloud version unleashes the full potential of Discord integration, offering advanced features and automations. Design custom workflows powered by AI for seamless execution. Gain deep insights with comprehensive marketing and community analytics, empowering moderators to make data-driven decisions based on channel chat intents. Boost your community’s value with intelligent cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Streamline operations with custom onboarding process management and effective spam policy enforcement. Measure the impact of your strategies in real time. From commerce promotion to community health, our cloud solution provides the tools you need to cultivate a thriving, engaged Discord community that drives your membership site’s success.

Step-by-Step Guide for setting PRO version.

Instruction Installation

Download, Install and Activate!

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New to find and install MemberPress discord Addon.

  2. Or, download the latest version of the plugin, then go to Plugins > Add New and click the “Upload Plugin” button to upload your .zip file.

  3. Activate the plugin.

Complete the Initial Plugin Setup

Go to MemberPress > Discord Settings in the WordPress admin to begin setup. Our Initial Setup Tutorial Video will show you how to configure

More Installation and Setup Documentation

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  • Install and activate the plugin and view the discord settings page inside MemberPress
  • Map Discord roles and MemberPress levels.
  • Advanced settings.
  • Connect Button Appearance.
  • Spot the Connect to Discord on Members profile page.
  • Search members by their Discord Username or Discord ID in the member list table.


The main difference between Free and Plugin.

Free should suffice for discord servers having 100-200 members, while pro connects with the cloud tech for heavier server API loads.

I need help installing, configuring, or customizing the plugin.

Please visit [our support site at https://www.expresstechsoftwares.com/step-by-step-documentation-guide-on-how-to-connect-memberpress-and-discord-server-using-discord-addon) for more documentation and our support forums.

I’m getting an error in error Log ‘Missing Access’

Please make sure your bot role has the high priority among all other roles your bot has to manager in your discord server roles settings. please watch video on youtube how to do it. Installation Video

Role Settings is not appearing.

  1. Clear browser cache, to uninstall and install again.
  2. Try the disabling cache
  3. Try Disabling other plugins, there may be any conflict with another plugin.

Members are not being added spontaneously.

  1. Due to the nature of Discord API, we have to use schedules to precisely control API calls, This is the reason actions are delayed.

Member roles are not being assigned spontaneously.

  1. Due to the nature of Discord API, we have to use schedules to precisely control API calls, This is the reason actions are delayed.

Some members are not getting their role and there is no error in the log.

  1. Sometimes discord API behaves weirdly, It is suggested to TRY again OR use another discord account.


Marso 1, 2024
This Memberpress version of the plugin and also the PMPro version simply doesn’t work and is not fit for purpose. It fails to revoke Discord roles from users, and also doesn’t kick users like it’s supposed to as per the plugin settings. This means that when a users subscription expires on the WP website, they are left with full access on Discord. It also randomly revokes roles in the middle of a users paid subscription. This bug was reported around summer time 2023 and still hasn’t been addressed. The developers have failed to acknowledge this bug despite multiple reports and it looks like this plugin has been abandoned.
Setyembre 4, 2023
MemberPress Discord Addon seamlessly integrates with WordPress website, offering a streamlined solution for selling Discord membership access. Its intuitive design ensures easy setup and management, making it a must-have for any crypto-focused Discord server. A game-changer for monetizing community engagement!
Marso 18, 2023
Very quick and great support. Best plugin for connecting to Discord.
Disyembre 23, 2022
I was looking for a good way to sell subscriptions for my discord community. There are different tools out there – e.g. some discord bots will do that. But the problem is, that most of them would not offer the payment options I (and probably a lot of admins) needed.So I decided to sell subscriptions through my website, but what would be the best tool and how to solve the role mapping?I tried another option but finally ended up using memberpress and this lovely plugin right here.It absolutely works as intended and the team is great. They are willing to help and they know what they do. I think it is worth a five out of five even if the development probably will continue …
Setyembre 28, 2022
I looked at many options to connect my member site to Discord, I chose this plugin because it looked the most simple. And I was right, it works very well. I ran into an issue and Ravi responded fast and with the exact answer, I needed to finish the process. Happy website, happy members! Thank you so much Ravi!
Setyembre 21, 2022
This is an excellent plugin. I went from knowing nothing about Discord to connecting my membership site. The plugin lets you set roles for your members and provides a button to connect to the Discord server from your website. The help page takes you through each step of setting up the connection. Setting up server roles and permissions is straightforward and intuitive. I contacted support with a question about permissions, and they responded immediately. Highly recommended.
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