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Sync your WooCommerce products, order and inventory with Etsy.

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ExportFeed enables you to list your WooCommerce products on Etsy.

It allows you to create product feeds from your WordPress based site and export those products to the high performing marketplace – Etsy.

Don’t take our word for it – hear it from our customers

I just uploaded 49 items to my Etsy feed – this would have taken hours if I had done them all manually

It was easy to set this up and export my products to Etsy. I did it whilst on live chat support to the plugin developers, which made it even simpler.

I don’t know how to give 10 stars…but really, this support is BEST SUPPORT ever. Of course, the plugin is great!!!

Stop spending hours manually create product feed files!

This plugin even minimizes the errors that you may make while listing your products.

You can wonderfully enclose all the product detail requirements of Etsy and grab your WooCommerce product data to help you display and sell your products on Etsy!

Why you need to use Sync to Etsy Marketplace from WooCommerce Plugin for your business

  • Easy installation on WordPress
  • Direct product upload to Etsy
  • Etsy Orders & Inventory Sync
  • Create flat shipping for Etsy
  • Create multiple shipping profiles and easily set a default
  • Category mapping with Etsy
  • Custom Attribute Support
  • Multiple image support
  • Product variation support
  • & More…
  • **Special: One-time feed setup service free for Etsy **

    Quick and Simple installation

  • Installing this Etsy plugin is as simple as installing any other plugin though it offers functionality beyond your WordPress website.
  • Once installed, this plugin will get the product data from your WooCommerce and allow you to create Etsy product feed and upload products directly to your Etsy Marketplace account.
  • WooCommerce to Etsy integration cannot get any simpler than this.
  • List your products on Etsy in a few easy steps

  • No more manually creating an Etsy product feed.
  • Optimizations and changing product attribute values take minutes.
  • Allows you to create WooCommerce product feed for Etsy through an intuitive user interface.
  • Create your product feed for Etsy free of cost for the first time.
  • Customize your product listing with your own titles, pricing markups, discounts and more!

  • Set your own filters and rules to your product listings
  • Increase price by a certain percentage considering listing and transaction fees
  • Easily include discounts, default currency, remove products using IDs and a lot more.
  • Configure every element of your Etsy listing – manufacturer details to automatic listing renewal

  • Choose whether you want the title, description and tags to update on Etsy
  • Select your listing type – physical or digital
  • Product listings on Etsy are always up to date based on the update interval schedule you set on this plugin.
  • Etsy Listing Status Reports – An Estimation of Success Beforehand!

  • ExportFeed plugin will allow you to find the anomalies in your feed operations by providing you a brief feed
  • report.
  • This plugin will provide you real-time information about your feed upload/update stage status such as
  • Processing, Success or Failed.
  • If you find any feed failing to upload, don’t hesitate to contact our support.
  • Sync WooCommerce and Etsy products automatically

  • Your product listings are always up-to-date
  • Sync your orders across both platforms with ease
  • Never oversell or undersell when you are using the ExportFeed plugin in your WooCommerce store
  • WooCommerce Product variation listing on Etsy

  • Supports listing your product variations on Etsy marketplace.
  • API connection lets you make listings of products with up to two variable attributes.
  • As it is a limitation on the Etsy API, we will update this plugin to increase more flexibility when allowed by Etsy.
  • This is the only plugin that supports listing variations of WooCommerce products on Etsy.
  • Upload multiple product images with ease!

  • Product images play a key role in increasing the conversion value.
  • ExportFeed includes multiple product image support to send multiple images of your WooCommerce products on Etsy.
  • As per the product listing rule on Etsy, you are allowed to submit up to 9 images for a product.
  • Free Version — Includes all functionality – limited to 50 SKUs

    Free 7-Day Trial of the Pro Version — 7 days highly scalable to multiple Feeds. Self-assessment – Please review the qualification questions and the online instructions.

    Just Do It! — PRO Version – HIGHLY SCALABLE FOR FEEDS & MERCHANTS. Please fill out the qualification questions to help us help you.

    40+ Merchants supported version also available

    READ OUR FAQ — Or Click on the LiveChat link!

    Other Interesting Benefits of ExportFeed

  • No technical skills required.
  • Include product variations of your products – no double listing errors.
  • Product feeds are always up-to-date with the auto-update scheduling feature.
  • Sync WooCommerce products on Etsy by defining sync interval.
  • Receive orders on WooCommerce when orders are placed on Etsy.
  • Create Flat Shipping settings for Etsy to enable direct uploads.
  • Customize WooCommerce product attributes to meet Etsy listing requirements.
  • List product on Etsy with up to 13 tags you used on WooCommerce to improve Etsy SEO.
  • Save time and reduce the chances of product listing errors.
  • Resolve feed errors with ease.
  • Improve conversions & improve your ROI to add Etsy sales channel.
  • Reliable support team always at your disposal through live chat, emails and tickets.
  • Screenshots

    • Provide Etsy Keystring and Secret Key and click on Save and Continue & Connect
    • Click on Fetch Login URL to start connection with Etsy
    • Click on Connect to Authenticate to provide app permissions
    • Click on Allow Permissions on the Etsy permissions page
    • Click on Authorize to allow permissions for app to manage your feeds
    • Click on Show My Shop to continue setting up your Etsy Settings
    • Create new shipping or select your existing shipping rules pulled from Etsy
    • Select your WooCommerce category & corresponding Etsy category. Then give name for feed file.
    • Click on Create Feed button then click on View Feed button
    • Go to Manage Feed and hover over the feed to click on the Upload link


    HOW TO GUIDE |||
    ** ALL FAQS **

    A few quick steps

    1) Upload to your WordPress website, and activate ‘Sync to Etsy Marketplace from WooCommerce’.
    2) Select ‘Etsy Feed’ from admin menu, Click ‘Create Feed’
    3) Follow the pop up to setup your etsy account.
    4) Once its done, search your product using your desired filter.
    5) Assign the corresponding Etsy category to each products and click ‘Move Selected’.
    6) (Optionally) Name your feed.
    7) Goto ‘Product’ page from admin menu and start uploading your product to etsy shop.
    7) See the uploaded detailes in Listing/Upload submenu of Etsy Feed admin menu.

    Click –Get Feed–

    This will now redirect to the feed URL you just created – ready for submission!


    Setyembre 30, 2021
    Easy to install and fairly simple to understand. Support is Great .. in a matter of minutes I had an issue with my license resolved by competent staff. GREAT PLUGIN. !!
    Setyembre 10, 2021
    Easy Plugin to set up to transfer product details to Etsy - the Free plugin is great if you just need 50SKU's -I upgraded to PRO for more SKU transfers. 10/10 for support - booked in a phone meeting 4hrs after purchasing the PRO plugin. Would definately recommended.
    Pebrero 2, 2021
    This plugin is the only one which I can recommend for different integrations. Great functions and even better support assistance. I am only waiting for the update of the opportunity to disconnect or connect several stores.
    Oktubre 12, 2020
    I had some issues but the support agnets helped me out very efficently using their chat. I am looking forward to seeing the new updates. I highly recommand it, it saves a lot of time.
    Hulyo 24, 2020
    I've been trying to get this working to sync my product to etsy for a few days now, including being in communication with the developer. My test product will sync, but the variations will not. I've been given wrong answers, including answers which contradict their own documentation for the plugin. Trying to get as far as I did was overly complicated. If you just need to sync basic items with no options, it might work for you. Otherwise, you might want to try another plugin.
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    Contributors & Developers

    “Sync to Etsy Marketplace from WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



    3.8.1 2022/05/12

    • Add: Added Save button in categories modal

    3.8.0 2022/04/27

    • Add: Shipping tempalate choose option while creating feed and UI upate of setting page

    3.7.4 2022/04/26

    • Add: License information text on license info box in remaining page and design revamp of setting page

    3.7.3 2022/04/20

    • Add: License information text on license info box

    3.7.2 2022/03/16

    • Add: Updated categories list

    3.7.1 2022/03/14

    • Add: Added UI components

    3.7.0 2022/03/09

    • Add: PHP version 8 compatibility

    3.6.1 2022/02/28

    • Remove: Removed unwanted UI components

    3.6.0 2022/02/21

    • Add: Feature to update license key

    3.5.4 2022/02/17

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.5.3 2022/02/15

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.5.2 2022/02/07

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.5.1 2022/02/02

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.5.0 2022/01/24

    • Fix: Order Feature Minor Bugfix

    3.4.3 2022/01/11

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.4.2 2022/01/10

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.4.1 2021/12/29

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.4.0 2021/12/21

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.9 2021/12/13

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.8 2021/12/01

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.7 2021/11/26

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.6 2021/11/22

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.5 2021/11/19

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.4 2021/10/31

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.3 2021/09/30

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.2 2021/07/27

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.1 2021/07/13

    • Fix: Issues Fixes

    3.3.0 2021/07/01

    • Update: Refactored plugin codes as per standard
    • Fix: Issues Fixes 2021/05/06

    • Fix: Minor issues
    • Add: 2020_2021 when made option added 2021/03/10

    • Fix: Minor issues
    • Update: Compatible with latest WP version 2021/02/18

    • Fix: Product aut update Minor Fix 2021/02/05

    • Fix: Variation auto update Minor Fix 2021/01/14

    • Fix: Minor issues
    • Update: In plugin description 2021/01/19

    • Fix: Variation Upload Minor Bugfix 2020/12/09

    • Fix: Minor issues
    • Update: Plugin compatible with latest WP 2020/11/18

    • Fix: Minor issues
    • Update: In plugin description 2020/09/03

    • Update: Plugin compatible with latest WP
    • Update: In plugin description

    Version 2020/08/24

    • Fix: Minor UI fixes

    Version 2020/08/18

    • Fix: Minor design fixes

    Version 2020/08/18

    • Fix: Upload Issues

    Version 2020/08/12

    • Fix: Upload Issues

    Version 2020/07/13

    • Fix: Auto Upload
    • Fix: Inventory management

    Version 2020/06/04

    • Fix: Etsy order not decreasing WooCommerce inventory fixed

    Version 2020/05/11

    • Fix: Variation upload with language translation

    Version 2020/05/08

    • Fix: Feed Auto Submission

    Version 2020/04/21

    • Fixed: Handling Oauth Problem with Etsy Store

    Version 2020/04/16

    • Fixed: Etsy upload handled for duplicate tags

    Version 2020/04/15

    • Added: Etsy connection automatic flow added

    Version 2020/04/09

    • Fix: Design issue fix

    Version 2020/04/03

    • Fix: Etsy Order Page Error
    • Fix: Default Stock Quantity option working

    Version 2020/03/05

    • Fix: Etsy Order Page Optimization

    Version 2020/02/26

    • Fix: Product Auto update-hook fixes when the product are edited/Modified.
    • Fix: Image upload for the variation product.
    • Fix: Domain Validity fixes.

    Version 2020/02/10

    • Fix: License validity code fixes.

    Version 2020/01/30

    • Fix: License validity code optimized for reducing the server load.

    Version 2020/01/14

    • Fix: Feed update problem fixed

    Version 2020/01/09

    • Fix: Tested with the Latest version of WordPress
    • Fix: Simple error.

    Version 2019/12/05

    • Fix: Changes on woo etsy listing

    Version 2019/12/05

    • Add: Improved order sync
    • Fix: Known issues

    Version 2019/11/08

    • Add: Single variation support(by merging multiple attributes)
    • Add: Individual variation price support
    • Add: Single attribute variation image support(merging multiple variation or just one attribute products)
    • Add: Price, Quantity, Title, Description real time update
    • Fix: Known issues

    Version 2019/10/23

    • Add: Etsy variation profiling
    • Add: Etsy individual variation image

    Version 2019/10/04

    • Add: Increased API limit.

    Version 2019/09/20

    • Fix: Remove #(hash) from the tags while uploading.
    • Fix: Enable Tags to populate in custom feed file.

    Version 28/08/2019

    • Add: Product Sync from etsy to local shop.
    • Add: Product update on etsy when updated in local.
    • Fix: Individual feed udpate.

    Version 23/07/2019

    • Add: Default shop language selection while syncing products from Etsy.
    • Add: Etsy variation on property value made changable.
    • Add: Etsy API limit settings managed.
    • Add: User experience related minor issues and simple errors.

    Version 10/07/2019

    • Add: Shipping Templates Creation.
    • Fix: Simple error.

    Version 25/06/2019

    • Add: Order Inventory Sync on the basis of sku.
    • Add: Optional product attribute update.
    • Add: Auto update feed and listing on etsy.
    • Add: Stock managed from woo-commerce to etsy.
    • Fix: Simple error.

    Version 14/05/2019

    • Fix: Variation upload.
    • Fix: Simple error.

    Version 30/04/2019

    • Fix: Bug fix.

    Version 19/04/2019

    • Add: Etsy listing feature optimized.
    • Add: Listing delete and make active from etsy upload page.
    • Fix: Simple error fix.

    Version 18/03/2019

    • Add: Custom Feed Creation.
    • Add: Listing Re-upload and Resume Feature.
    • Fix: Simple error fix.

    Version 18/03/2019

    • Add: Custom Feed Creation.
    • Add: Listing Re-upload and Resume Feature.
    • Fix: Simple error fix.

    Version 26/02/2019

    • Add: Feed resolution in product and bulk level.
    • Add: Listing Re-upload Feature.
    • Add: Managed listing process.
    • Fix: Item listing duplication.
    • Fix: Simple error fix.

    Version 26/11/2018

    • Add: Multiple Image Upload.
    • Add: Raw Feed Generation.
    • Fix: Item listing duplication.
    • Fix: Simple error fix.

    Version 14/09/2018

    • Fix: UI changes for feed customization.
    • Fix: simple errors.

    Version 2.1.0 27/06/2018

    • Add: Etsy variation listing support add as per allowed by Etsy api.
    • Add: Flexibility added for multiple product variation listing option.
    • Fix: UI changes for create feed page.
    • Fix: Design aspects of plugin interface.

    Version 2.0.3 30/04/2018

    • Fix: Listing Specification fixed
    • Fix: Normal issues

    Version 2.0.2 30/03/2018

    • Fix: Auto Feed Refresh cron issue
    • Fix: Normal issues

    Version 2.0.1

    • Add : Feed Specification Changes

    Version 2.0.0

    • Add : Support for Multiple Image Upload
    • Add : Support for Variation Listing

    Version 1.2.8 05/01/2018

    • Fixes rule no variations issue.

    Version 1.2.7 14/08/2017

    • Fix: Language not supported by Etsy shop fixed.
    • Fix: Upload Feed showing Server Error fixed.

    Version 1.2.6 24/07/2017

    • Minor Patches Added: Clearer update messages.

    Version 1.2.5 14/07/2017

    • Minor bug fixes: lisecense verfication failed fixed.

    Version 1.2.4 12/07/2017

    • Added cron disable message.
    • Minor bug fixes: lisecense verfication failed fixed.
    • Minor bug fixes: loading of insecure files resolved.

    Version 1.2.3 03/07/2017

    • Progress of feed upload improved.
    • Minor bug fixes: categories not showing bug fixed.
    • Minor bug fixes: get feed error resolved.

    Version 1.2.2 14/06/2017

    • Report error fixed in progress.

    Version 1.2.1 14/06/2017

    • Added new ui for upload listing progress.
    • Bug fixes: Image upload not working fixed.
    • Bug fixes: License activate not working fixed.

    Version 1.2.0 19/05/2017

    • Added new shipping feature added.
    • WooCommerce 3.0 Comptible.
    • PHP 7.0 Compatible.
    • Added more bulk options.
    • Licesnse restriction added.

    Version 1.0.7 17/03/2017

    • Progress indicator UI for Account setup.
    • Error resolved while upload.
    • Allowing tags, materials and currency to sumbitted on Etsy as attributes.
    • resolving conflict error with other plugins.
    • clearing out the confusing messages.

    Version 1.0.6 28/02/2017

    • Configuration menu added.
    • Shop reconnect error fixed
    • Added feature like edit, change state and delete in listing page.
    • Image uploading error fixed
    • Listing information added for costs and fees.

    Version 1.0.5 28/02/2017

    • delete option added for uploaded listing.
    • advanced command hidding error fixed.
    • product quantity 0 even set error fixed.

    Version 1.0.4 28/02/2017

    • php errors in various pages resolved.

    Version 1.0.3 28/02/2017

    • New shop setup interface introduced
    • uploading product error fixed
    • Error message while uploading feed shown in listing feed page.
    • 403 Error Code resolved.

    Version 1.0.2 17/02/2017

    • Custom Feed removed
    • Upload from Product page removed
    • Feed Upload error fixed
    • Image Upload Error fixed

    Version 1.0.1 04/11/2016

    • Added Credentials

    Version 1.0 04/11/2016

    • First Release