DyaPress ERP/CRM


DyaPress ERP/CRM is the open-source port of the existing CRM/ERP software Dolibarr(tm) as a plugin to WordPress .

This plugin is mainly only visible in the admin area of WordPress. Its main advantage are easier installation and upgrade.

However please note starting with version 15, almost all the plugin files are not in a unique separate archive which is downloaded on upgrade/installation. This archive is around 70Mb and extract to around 230Mb. So you need at least 300Mb of free space to use the plugin.

Even if translation are not yet visible using WordPress gettext system, Dolibarr is translated to 82 languages other than English which are available to DyaPress as well. Automatic translation according to your language in WordPress is available, unless you force another language from configuration.

As of Dolibarr software, DyaPress plugin allow you to enable the feature you want by activating the corresponding included module you need. furthermore you can setup your own company profile as well as how VAT is handled on your part.

Internal Modules and Features

Human Resources Management (HR)

  • Users and Groups : DyaPress allow you to add users and groups and to defines detailed permissions for each features and global modules as well. Note that user or group permissions are handled by Dolibarr original code and not WordPress capabilities. An user must be created in DyaPress/Dolibarr database in order to have access to DyaPress.
  • Members : Management of foundation members
  • Expense reports : Management and claim expense reports : each user can report various expense like transportation, meal, …

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

  • Third parties : Management of prospects or customers and associated contacts
  • Proposals : Management of commercial proposals
  • Customer orders : Management of customer orders including automatic numerotation and order statuses
  • Shipments : Management of shipments and delivery
  • Contracts and Subscriptions : Management of contracts like services or recurring subscriptions
  • Interventions : Management of interventions

Vendor Relation Management

  • Suppliers : Management of suppliers and purchase orders and billing
  • Vendor commercial proposal : Request vendor commercial proposal and prices
  • Incoterm : Add features to manage Incoterm

Financial Modules (Accouting and Treasury)

  • Invoices : Management of Invoice and credit note for customers or suppliers
  • Taxes and special expenses : Management of other expenses like sales taxes, social or fiscal taxes, dividends, …
  • Payment of employee wages : Record and follow payment of your employee wages
  • Loan : Management of loans
  • Donations : Management of donation
  • Banks and cash : Management of bank or cash accounts
  • Direct bank payment orders : Management of Direct Debit payment orders, including generation of SEPA file for European countries
  • Margins : Management of margins
  • Accouting : Simple accounting reports (journals, turnover) based on database content without using any ledger table
  • Advanced Accouting : Accounting management (double entries, support general and auxiliary ledgers) and export of ledger in several other accouting software format

Product Management (PM)

  • Products : Product management
  • Services : Service management
  • Stocks : Stock management of products
  • Products lots : Lot or serial number, eat-by and sell-by date management on products
  • Product Variants : Management of products variants based on attributes like color, size, …

Projects and Collaborative work

  • Projects/Opportunities/Leads : Management of projects, opportunities/leads and/or tasks
  • Events/Agenda : Follow done and upcoming events, let application logs automatic events for tracking purposes or record manual events or rendez-vous
  • Resources : Manage resources like printers, cars, room, … that can then be shared into events

Some others Modules

  • DMS/ECM : Document Management System / Electronic Content Management. Automatic organization of your generated or stored documents
  • Tags/Categories : Create tags/category on products, customers, vendors, contacts or members
  • Multi currency : Management of several foreign currencies in prices and documents
  • Barcodes : Management of barcode
  • Workflow : Workflow management (automatic creation of object and/or automatic status change)
  • Data imports : Tool to import data in Dolibarr (with assistants)
  • Data exports : Tool to export Dolibarr data (with assistants)
  • SOAP API : Enable the Dolibarr SOAP server providing API services
  • REST API : Enable the Dolibarr REST server providing API services
  • Unalterable Archives : Activate log of some business events into an unalterable log. Events are archived in real-time.

DyaPress Premium Microservice

A DyaPress Premium Microservice is already available allowing an upcomming DyaPress Premium plugin to communicate with both DyaPress or Dolobarr(tm) installation. Documentation will be published with the first DyaPress Premium plugin.

The DyaPress Premium microservices are written in Golang for maximum performance and scalability.

DyaPress Premium

An upcoming DyaPress Premium plugin will be available with the following features :

  • It will work with both DyaPress(tm) and Dolibarr(tm) using REST API and DyaPress Premium Microservice
  • It will have no dependancy with DyaPress plugin
  • It will allow a “My Account” page to be available on the front-end to allow yours customers to see their invoices (and to pay them directly online) and propals
  • It will allow you to setup your proper online services, all the stuff about managing customers, orders, invoices will be handled by both DyaPress plugin (or Dolibarr software as well) and the DyaPress Premium plugin
  • You may having a lot of different WordPress sites using this plugin for distinct services and the same DyaPress (or Dolibarr) installation

This plugin is already used on the officiel DyaPress(tm) website.


  1. Upload dyapress folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the Install button (or the Upgrade button) to finish installation or upgrade
  4. An admin user will be created for Dolibarr environment with your current user


Which version of PHP are supported

The plugin need at least PHP 5.6 and up to PHP 8.1 to work with latest version 16.0.5.

Can I upgrade an existing Dolibarr installation ?

Yes, it is possible : You need to merge the Dolibarr database in the same database of WordPress and to copy all your documents directories documents to wp-content/uploads/dyapress directory.

Can I migrate back to Dolibarr ?

Yes, it is possible : You need to export the Dolibarr database in a new database that will be used by a fresh install of Dolibarr with at least the same or a newer version. You need also to copy all your documents directories in wp-content/uploads/dyapress to documents directory of Dolibarr.

Can I add another DyaPress/Dolibarr user ?

Yes, but you need to both add the WordPress user and the Dolibarr user with the same login name in order for the user to connect to WordPress and have an access to DyaPress menu and features. Update user access right in DyaPress/Dolibarr user menu directly.

If a WordPress user is not added to Dolibarr users base, the user will not have any access to DyaPress and the menu will not even be displayed at all.

Privacy notice

As of Dolibarr, all your data are stored on your WordPress database.

Please note that DyaPress UUID are unique and are generated by a call to DyaPress Premium Microservice. DyaPress will check if you have a Premium licence activated and will not propose the “Upgrade to Premium” link in such case.

API URL is registered in our service to ease installation of upcoming Premium version : you only need to configure a DyaPress Premium plugin with the UUID and DOLAPIKEY, so that if API URL is modified, no modification has to be done to your configuration. No other data are sent. Note that API URL can be modified easily as a random permalink is generated on installation and can be changed at any time. This permalink is used as a prefix for the Dolibarr REST API URL.


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Contributors & Developers

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  • improved automatic rewriting of Dolibarr code to catch some specific PHP code which was badly rewritten (fixed some searches and forms)

  • avoid warning on session_cache_limiter() call on some cases which cause garbage in generated CSS at least

  • disable Dolibarr CSRF check by default as it may cause problems

  • try to fix display of md theme to ne not too badly integrated on WordPress admin
  • fixed bad links on email sender configuration
  • fixed some remaining javascript errors
  • fixed fresh install by using simpler regexp for get_class() and use_class()

  • fixed fatal error in alert and security configuration
  • fixed theme and menu edition broken link
  • fixed generated CSS for Eldy theme to limit interference with WordPress
  • fixed bad confirmation link on members operations
  • fixed some bad redirection on form confirmation
  • fixed error on thirdparty fusion
  • fixed fatal error on configure oneclick printing

  • major public release based upon Dolibarr(tm) version 16.0.5 (PHP version supported range from 5.6 to 8.1)
  • fixed internal API to match Dolibarr API 16.0.5 as well as Restler library
  • fixed missing wordpress footer on config of company
  • fixed global config widgets, password and default permissions update
  • fixed member and member event update
  • fixed IBAN manipulation error
  • fixed product purchase price not available
  • fixed product variant not editable and product variant link on ref
  • fixed product statistics links
  • fixed warehouse update
  • fixed product stock replenish and product stock at date
  • fixed task and ticket update
  • fixed vat creation and update
  • fixed margin and opensurvey display
  • fixed many bad http redirects and direct href
  • fixed default price not set when adding line

  • fix intermediate error on upgrade caused by rewrite of install/upgrade code
  • fix direct access to DyaPress home page

  • fixed when $_POST are no more available in Dolibarr code
  • fixed flawed installation process (@jmdziba)
  • fixed notice for $mysoc

  • added rewrite of DOL_URL_ROOT . $xxx to use \dyap_url($xxx)
  • fixed sorting of columns in list
  • fixes in TakePos : invoicing, ticket printing, layout and client selection

  • fixed sanitized url to self site causing a bad redirection in /core/lib/functions.lib.php for GETPOST()
  • fixed missing namespace for GETPOST() in dyapress-main.php (@dkugel)
  • avoid keeping datetime of files from original Dolibarr to avoid problem in PHP cache on update

  • added \dyap_use_class() function to fix template use of class name object
  • fixed some bad links remaining

  • second major public release based upon Dolibarr(tm) version 15.0.2 (PHP version supported range from 5.6 to 7.4)
  • complete rewrite of the plugin installation mechanism thanks to AK. during WordCamp Europe 2022 in Porto
  • REST API imported from previous version as a temporary workaround as unable to make REST API work in current version

  • fixed bad url in other 19 forms (causing white screen or page not found)

  • fixed bad redirection in /contact/card.php (reported by santoshr25)

  • fixed bad pagination
  • fixed confirmation of supplier order
  • more probably final release with Dolibarr 8, before newer DyaPress synced with Dolibarr 13

  • fixed checkVAT popup
  • fixed IBAN exception
  • fixed bad DOLAPIKEY generation
  • fixed payment method exception
  • fxed stock configuration exception
  • fixed malformed ajax response (without admin html output of WordPress)
  • tested with WordPress 5.5.1
  • probably final release with Dolibarr 8, before newer DyaPress synced with Dolibarr 12

  • fixed multiprice setting for thirdparty
  • updated PHP version supported since Dolibarr 8.0.2 does not support PHP 7.3
  • added privacy notice

  • added signature checking when available
  • fixed restler autoload
  • fixed cashdesk to use WordPress admin environment instead of nothing at all

  • try a new release to force new build of zip to update DyaPress

  • tested with WordPress 5.2.1
  • updated plugin documentation
  • fixed GETPOST integration with WordPress

  • try a new release to force new build of zip to update DyaPress

  • tested with WordPress 5.2
  • fixed products variants list links
  • fixed products barcode configuration and usage
  • fixed generic html form with badly formatted url sometimes
  • fixed product description can no longer contains html code (fixed possible XSS with textarea)

  • make sure UUID is recovered if not defined when checking licence
  • fixed (small change) api_url exposed to DyaPress Premium microservices
  • added support for arrayofjs and arrayofcss in llxHeader()
  • added support for meta title update in llxHeader()
  • fixed links in projet/activity/perweek and projet/activity/perday pages

  • renamed License token as UUID (this is really an unique identifier)
  • fixed array in GET/POST parameter badly transfered (as linking invoice line to the right book account not working)
  • fixed dyapress permalink option must be defined and not empty

  • fixed eldy style.css for various input (file, checkbox, radio, image)
  • fixed accounting journal refresh link

  • added minimum PHP version required using the normal tag in readme
  • updated readme with mentions of translation of DyaPress to 82 languages
  • fixed footer JS code not written (causing searchform not to be displayed)
  • fixed api_url exposed to DyaPress Premium microservices as well as in admin configuration
  • fixed other form using get method
  • improved dyap_get_form() without argument to use by default dyap_self()
  • improved dyap_get_form() to add optional arguments
  • fixed possible use of tranversal directory with router
  • fixed admin user unable to update their DOLAPIKEY

  • fixed bad references to class Imagick
  • added dyap_get_form() function to help create Dolibarr form using method get (for use in expedition/shipment)
  • fixed bad automatic update of PHP code between Dolibarr and DyaPress (in core/class/commonobject.class.php using $this->$origin)
  • fixed readme again

  • fixed readme

  • update during WordCamp Paris 2019
  • fixed possible XSS with some textarea field at day contributions of security table (thanks to Julio Potier)
  • fixed many bad links generation
  • fixed minimal version of PHP as of 5.6 by fixing ?? operator usage in SwitfMailer

  • fixed readme

  • first public release based upon Dolibarr(tm) version 8.0.2