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All in one WordPress plugin to create a stunning dark version for your WordPress website and dashboard. WordPress Dark Mode Plugin allows users to turn ON/OFF the dark mode enable option while viewing your website. Adding dark mode to your website is not a very tough process. You only need to activate the plugin and allow your users to access all the providing features.

Dark mode plugin is very much user friendly and allows your website to accommodate this plugin and its features automatically. So this plugin prominently adjusts with your WordPress website to give proper design with a dark color scheme according to your user’s preference.

Another illustrious fact that almost all major operating systems support this plugin. Precisely activate the plugin and relish all the facilities that the WP Dark Mode plugin provides to you and your users

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  1. Dark mode Elementor widget: By using the dark mode switch Elementor widget, you can set the dark mode switch button in ay post or pages as your need.
  2. Dark Mode Gutenberg widget: Using the dark mode switch Gutenberg widget, you can locate the dark mode switch button in any post or page according to your requirement.
  3. Dark mode visual composer widget: WP dark mode is available for visual composer template into Widgetized area.
  4. Dark mode WP widget: You can enable dark mode for WP widget.
  5. Backend Dark mode: As well as users you can also access the dark mode for backend admin section.
  6. Automatic mode: Set start and end time and automatic mode will serve dark mode automatically within the predefined time.
  7. Floating switch button: Floating switch button can be shown anywhere in the footer section of your website.
  8. Re-positioning floating switch: You can display the floating switch at top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left on your webpage. But sometimes these fixed positions may clash with your chatbot, tooltip, or scroll to top button. Here you can set a floating switch margin to move the switch to up or down, left or right wherever you want.
  9. OS based color mode: Almost all leading operating system plugin supports WordPress Dark Mode Plugin for showing dark mode color scheme.
  10. 2+ Exclusive color preset: More than 2 exclusive color preset obtainable to change the dark mode color.
  11. 2+ exclusive switch styles: More than 2 exclusive styles are available for switch to enrich user desires.
  12. Ready for translation ( .pot files included):You can translate from the predefined language to your required language because .pot file is included in this plugin to serve you in your native language.
  13. Frontend dark mode: When you activate the dark mode plugin and enable for your users, then your website automatically allow dark mode for your users and display a dark mode switch button
  14. Well Documented: Documentation is created in a well-organized way to get familiar with Darklup-WP dark mode. It will help you to understand how the plugin will work.


  1. Dark Mode font size kit: You can change the font size as your need on dark mode.
  2. Dark Color scheme for websites: Available so many color schemes to give an amazing dark look for your website.
  3. WooCommerce supports dark mode: Compatible With woo-commerce website which enriches the readability of your woo-commerce website.
  4. Custom CSS Supported dark mode: You can edit any specific section of your website with the help of custom CSS.
  5. Dark Mode image support: While viewing a website in dark mode your users may feel the necessity of changing the brightness and contrast of an image and using this plugin you can allow the users to have dark mode supported images.
  6. Shortcode integration: You can insert a shortcode to change the location of the dark mode switch button anywhere you want.
  7. Custom Color: To cope up with the dark mode you can adorn your website with custom color.
  8. Time-based dark mode: According to user demand and selected local time dark mode will be turned on.
  9. Set button location: You can display the button location anywhere on the website as you and your user demand.
  10. Switch Background Color:An amazing feature for having different background colors for dark mode switch. So, you don’t have to worry about the switch button color. Darklup provides you the scope to pick your desired color for the switch and this will help you to create a balanced, colorful, and well-decorated website according to your website and brand color
  11. Remember last time mode: Always remember the mode that you or the user have used last time.
  12. Border Color: Provide different border colors to organize your website in dark mode.
  13. Image opacity: You can adjust the transparency of images by giving the link of the light and dark version image.
  14. Dark mode switch in the menu: You can allow a dark mode switch in a menu.
  15. Link hover color: For an eye-catchy website in dark mode, different link hovers color can be selected.
  16. Select page activation: Show the dark mode switcher button in your selected pages.
  17. Post activation: Show the dark mode switcher button in your selected posts.
  18. Exclude Elements: This feature allows you to avoid dark mode for a particular element or portion by selecting the class, div, id of your website. In exclude element setting option by mentioning the class name or id that you want to ignore, can select for not showing it up through dark mode.
  19. Replace Logo in Dark Mode: You can wisely change your dark or light logo as you want. We have added an option to upload both logos.

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Dark mode plugin can be able to garnish your website in a good looking dark color scheme. To have an access on this plugin at first you need to activate the plugin. After completing the activation your website will turn into dark mode automatically for you and your user. To set the all available features go the Admin Dashboard>>Darklup Settings and all the options will be available there.

In the settings section you can find home, general settings, advance settings, style settings, color settings, image settings etc. and all this portion will provide the enable option. So, you can enable or disable any feature or option for your user as your need. You can also enable dark mode for frontend as well as backend admin section. For more information go through our FAQ section. Enjoy our dark mode plugin in the best way.


To enjoy all these marvelous features you need to go through the setting section where home section will provide many information on Darklup-WP dark mode plugin that will help you know details about the accessing procedure and others. Under the home section there is general settings and in this section you can turn ON or OFF to enable frontend dark mode And backend dark mode as well as OS aware dark mode.

If you want to show floating switch for your website user then turn ON floating switch option and by switching this button your user will be able to active dark mode from frontend section. After that advance settings appear where you can allow to switch in menu, select menu location and time based dark mode by setting start and end time.

In style settings, you can change the style of switch, switch position, text font size. You can also change switch text for light version and dark version which is shown in the switch button. Here you can select the required post and pages to display the dark mode switch button and those pages where you don’t want to show the dark mode switch. To customize color in frontend section, backend section, text, background etc.go to the color setting section and enable the required option to turn ON or OFF.

To cope up with dark mode scheme when using our WordPress Dark Mode Plugin, you must need to set logo light and dark url and image opacity in image settings. To have any other change as your demand go to the custom CSS section and insert code for your required function.

Last of all don’t forget to click on the ‘ Save Changes’ button to save the changes that you have made to embellish your website for you and your user.



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  • DarklupLite - WP Dark Mode


The easy way.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New and then search for “darkluplite”. Click on Install and then Activate the Plugin.

That’s it, Darklup Lite Plugin is now activated on your site!

The hard way..

Download “Darklup Lite WordPress Plugin” and then extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


1. How do I add dark mode plugin to my WordPress Website?

You just have to install and enable the dark mode option to add dark mode in your website.

2. Do I need to gather any knowledge on coding or any programming language?

No, You don’t need to know any programming language .You just have to install and activate this user-friendly plugin.

3. Which particular browser supports the WordPress Dark Mode Plugin?

No need to worry about your browser. All modern browsers like Firefox, Edge, Safari, Chrome etc. support the plugin.

4. How can I display the dark mode floating switch?

To display the dark mode floating switch button, you have to turn ON ‘Show Floating Switch’ option from the Darklup-WP dark mode ‘General settings’ section.

5. Can I use the dark mode plugin with popular page builders?

Obviously. Popular page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg support this plugin.

6. Does the dark mode work for the backend admin page?

Yes, as an admin you can also use dark mode for you backend page.

7. How I change color scheme for my website?

Go to the ‘Color Settings’ and there you will find the options to customize color scheme for the frontend and backend as well. You can change Link hover color, text color, text background color, border color and so on.

8. Does a woo-commerce website support the WP dark mode?

This plugin is very much compatible with woo-commerce website and always maintain readability and best quality while using dark mode.

9. Does this plugin support custom CSS?

Yes, you can edit any dark mode related section of your website with the help of custom CSS.

10. Is this dark mode plugin all image supportive?

Yes, to match up with the dark color you can set both light and dark version image link from ‘Image Settings’. You can also insert logo light and dark url so that user can see the dark mode support images while viewing in dark mode.

11. Can I change the image opacity?

Of course. You can change image opacity from ‘Image Settings’.

12. How can I change the switch style?

You can select your required switch style, switch position and switch text from ‘Style Settings’.

13. Can I select particular post and page to display the dark mode switch button?

Yes, You can select a particular post and page to display the switch button from ‘Style Settings’ section.

14. How can I save the required time to enable dark mode?

To select a time for dark mode activation go to the ‘Advance Settings’ section and turn On ‘Time Based Dark Mode’. After that set the start and end time.

15. Is the WordPress Dark ModePlugin very much user-friendly and helpful?

This plugin is very much user-friendly and helpful. You can access all the features very efficiently. You don’t have to be worried to find any option because this plugin is well documented to give you all the instructions. You will meet all your desires and demands by using this prominent dark mode plugin.


Abril 26, 2021
Why I support this plugin? 1. It allows time-based mode change. So I usually modify the time as my requirement. 2. No hesitation on the setting panel. Just click and set the command. 3. Premium browsing experience.
Abril 8, 2021
I am not so much used in dark mood. First time i have used this plugin to go through the experience. It was flexible and quite smooth in the whole experience. They are updating the plugin constantly trying to give the best to the user. Most important one is they are making is more convenient to the user. Wish them a best wish to go a long way. Recommended others to check it also.
Pebrero 28, 2021
An excellent plugin that solves a lot of problems. There are a few glitches, which apply to Windows 10/Firefox, and probably apply to all other browser/OS combinations. 1. hovering on a link In light mode changes the link color but hovering in dark mode does nothing. (Hover color is defined in custom CSS.) 2. The background image in a Smart Slider 3 pro slider is wiped out in dark mode. The light mode works fine. Also, when moving the slides backward entire slides are not shown - not a problem in light mode, Also, in dark mode only, some slides are rendered intermittently. 3. Page rendering in dark mode is a LOT slower than in light mode. this issue is the worst in desktop mode. This might affect SEO placement because the search bots look at page load time. 4. When switching to a new page (desktop mode, not a problem on a phone) in dark mode the new page first renders in light mode and then immediately switches to dark mode. This screen flashing each time a page changes is quite annoying. Not complaining; this is one fine plugin.
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Contributors & Developers

“DarklupLite – WP Dark Mode” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  1. Fixed: conflict on Plugins Page natural design
  2. Improove: Removed slow transition on dark/light mode


Fixed: Issue of OS Enabled Dark mode


  1. Fixed Blank screen On Front End Dark Mode Off
  2. Compatible with Premium Plugin Installation
  3. Hidden if Premium Plugin Activated


  1. Fixed: Switch on Microsoft Edge (Mobile) Problem
  2. Fixed: White blink on Page Reload on both Frontend (User) and Backend (Admin Panel)
  3. Improve: Relocate Submenus under one Menu in Admin Sidebar


Fixed CSS Issues


  1. Add Re-positioning floating switch option
  2. Fixed OS Dark Mode settings not work issue
  3. Fixed some CSS issue


  1. Fixed some CSS issue
  2. Fixed DarklupLite Settings page design issue


  1. Fixed Switch CSS issue


  1. Fixed WooCommere add product field hide issue


  1. Fixed Elementor edit page darkmode css issue
  2. Fixed Gutenberg darkmode switch issue
  3. Fixed some other issue


This is initial Release for Darklup Lite