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WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration By Advanced WC Analytics

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration By Advanced WC Analytics


WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration By Advanced WC Analytics Pro (GA4 compatible)

Any eCommerce business wants to grow faster and make better and better sales every day. How you can convert more and more visitors to your customers? How you can increase your revenue with very less efforts? Understand what your customers need? What part of my website performing well and which part needs some improvement? Our Plugin will help you to get all answers you are looking for to get succeed in competitive online business. We provide every single data analysis associated with your website so you can take right and perfect decisions for your eCommerce Website.

With advanced ways and technology to track every single useful event associated your WooCommerce website, we can bring you most reliable and important data associated with your eCommerce Website.

Unlike other WooCommerce Google Analytics plugins, Advanced WC Analytics allow you to enable all advanced Google analytics tracking features for your WooCommerce website with just a few clicks (no coding skills nor need to hire a developer).

Best part of our plugin is you are getting all basic essential features of Google Analytics you are looking for your eCommerce website in free version.

Google Analytics Setup

Our plugin help you to setup proper WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration in few clicks. Just you require to have a free account of Google Analytics and Google Analytics Property you want to link to WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

We have embedded latest code in plugin so you will get faster, efficient and perfect tracking of wide range of events on your WooCommerce website. We also try to make your data transfer to Google Analytics from your WooCommerce website more secure and optimized so your website will not effected with plugin working.

Plugin tracks every single event of your eCommerce website so you can get all analytics associated with data inherited in your Google Analytics account. You can also choose which event you want to track and which not using plugin Tracking Settings for your WooCommerce website.

We also constantly maintaining plugin so your WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration work seamlessly with every new update in WooCommerce and also changes in Google Analytics tracking scripts.

Features of Plugin

  • Easy and Fast Integration : Plugin offers very Fast and Easy WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration. You can complete that with just few clicks.

  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Reports : Our Pro Plugin will provide Enhanced Ecommerce reports for your WooCommerce Website which includes all following reports.

    • Shopping Behavior Report
    • Checkout Behavior Report
    • Product Performance Report
    • Product List Performance Report
    • Marketing Overview Report
    • Order Coupon Report
  • Ecommerce Events Tracking : To understand better your customers we provided essential events tracking for your WooCommerce online store. That help you to understand behavior of users on website.

  • Real-Time Reports : Real Time tracking of traffic and events occurring on your WooCommerce website.

  • Audience Reports : Help you to identify different characteristics of users coming to your online store.

  • Acquisition Reports : Give you information about different sources of traffic and path users follow on your website.

  • Behavior Reports : Allows you to understand What your users do on website and give information about performance of your website and content.

  • Tracking Admin and Shopmanager : You can choose to track or not admin/shopmanager activity on frontend of website.

  • Disable Pageviews Tracking : Stop tracking basic pageviews of Users for website. (This function can help you solve double tracking issue if you are using another plugin as well for basic Google Analytics tracking).

  • GDPR Compliance : Our plugin helps Google Analytics GDPR compliance easier for website owners. We have functionality to show frontend GDPR notice so user can select they want to send their Demographics and Interest data to Analytics or not. On basis of their choice plugin will or will not send data.

  • Anonymize IP : Anonymizes the ip address of website users.

  • Support : We provide free support from WordPress support forum of plugin. We usually reply back in 1-2 business days.

Want to unlock more advanced tracking for your WooCommerce store? Give a try to Advanced WooCommerce Analytics pro version.

Features of our Advanced WooCommerce Analytics pro version:

  • All free features : All free plugin features available in our pro version as well.

  • Advanced WooCommerce Event Tracking : Pro Plugin will help you to track over 30+ events on your WooCommerce Website which help you generate deep level data insights.

    • Product associated events
    • Cart associated events
    • Checkout associated events
    • Users associated events
    • Website content and performance associated events
  • User-ID Tracking : This plugin functionality help you to generate User-ID view information. A User-ID view is a special reporting view that differentiate data and activity for particular user from sessions in which you send unique ID and related data to Google Analytics.

  • Enhanced Link Attribution Report : Differentiating Links which user interacted using enhanced link attribution.

  • Product Impression Tracking : Tracking Product impressions on single product pages and also on archive pages for finding individual product performance.

  • Order Refund and Cancellation Tracking : Plugin also tracks refund and cancellation data from website which help to keep Google Analytics data accurate and also help you to get analytics for client satisfaction issues.

  • Facebook Pixel Integration : Data Reporting & Conversion tracking integration for Facebook Pixel.

  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking : Conversion tracking and re-marketing integration for Google Ads.

  • Google Optimize Integration : Integration of Google optimize script snippet so you can perform A/B Testing on your WooCommerce online store.

  • Report Table : Report table help you to find most important reports easily from your WooCommerce store in Google Analytics.

  • Priority Support and Maintenance : We provide constant maintenance of plugin with new updates in WooCommerce Plugin and in Google Analytics scripts. Along with that we also provide priority email support functionality to our pro users for solving plugin and Google Analytics related queries.

Important Google Analytics Reports

We got you covered with all possible reports in Google Analytics for your WooCommerce base eCommerce website using our plugin. Data processing of each this reports help you get gem insights about your website performance and possible improvements. Our priority support with pro plugin will also help you understand significant of each reports and what steps you need to follow to improve website performance.

Real-Time Reports

Real-Time Reports allows you to monitor activity on your WooCommerce website as it happens. The reports are updated continuously with recording conversions and events hits are reported seconds after it occurs. This Reports helps to understand how your conversion and behavior of your users on website any recent changes you made to website.

This reports also help you to get info about how your campaigns are performing after recent start and how it implicating to performance of your eCommerce shop.

It can also use to monitor whether new and changed content on your site is being viewed or not properly by your viewers. But most important use of this Reports are to verify that the tracking code is properly working or not on your site.

Audience Reports

Audience Reports allows you to identify characteristics of your users such like location, language, devices used by them, browser details, activeness on website, flow on website and others important information.

Along with these reports you can also differentiate individual user using user id tracking functionality provided in plugin. So using that information you can run different promotional offers to target particular audiences.

User flow report in Google Analytics can help you to understand paths users took through your site, from the source, through the various pages, and where along their paths they exited from your WooCommerce base eCommerce site.

Acquisition Reports

Acquisition reports helps you to discover how users arrive at your WooCommerce website. You can also use these reports to learn more about your traffic – if they arrive directly to your site or use a search engine to find your business details.

These reports also allow you to understand how successful certain marketing campaigns are in attracting users and which campaigns attracted much users.

It also help you find phrases and keywords which help you to got more traffic and which are under performing so far.

Behavior Reports

Behavior reports of Google Analytics allows you to understand what users do on your website. Specifically reports tells you what pages people visit and what actions they take while visiting.

These report give info about different events occurring on your WooCommerce website and also give idea about flow of it, Which indeed help you to understand customers behavior and their pattern of buying.

You also get website speed performance report as well under this category. It will show you in how much avg. seconds your website loading for your customers and associated parameters like avg. server response time, avg. page download time, avg. domain lookup time and many other related information associated with website loading speed.

Ecommerce(Conversions) Reports

Main and Important part of plugin is Ecommerce Reports. This reports help you to understand how your website performing and what needs to improve to perform it more better. We have provide all essential reports for this category in free version of plugin and all other important ones in our Pro version.

Here is list of Ecommerce reports our free plugin will help you to track.

  • Overview Report :- Overall website conversion report which provide useful information like conversion rate, revenue, avg. order amount, unique purchases and many other useful information.

  • Product Performance Report :- This report provides individual product performance report.

  • Sales Performance Report :- Report will help to understand sales performance data and conversion rate of selling.

  • Transactions Report :- This report will give overview about transactions amount, taxes, shipping charges and other essential information regarding particular transactions.

  • Time to Purchase :- This report provides avg. number of days/sessions converted in to purchase.

  • Top Conversion Path :- This report show paths which leads most conversions so you can have better idea that which how users flow when actual conversion happens.

  • Assisted Conversion :- The number of conversions where channel is not final path for conversion but assisted in conversion shows here. Which help you to identify which channels needs to be updated for better conversions.


For Plugin documentation, please refer our plugin website.


  • Linking WooCommerce Website with Google Analytics – Auto mode
  • Integrating WooCommerce Website with Google Analytics – Manual mode
  • Google Analytics Dashboard – Quick Stats
  • Google Analytics Dashboard – Custom Charts 1
  • Google Analytics Dashboard – Custom Charts 2
  • Events Tracking
  • Real Time Report on Google Analytics
  • Technology Overview Report
  • Acquisition Report on Google Analytics
  • Audience Overview Report on Google Analytics
  • Demographics Report on Google Analytics
  • Geo Location Report on Google Analytics
  • Ecommerce Overview Report on Google Analytics
  • Product Performance Report for WooCommerce
  • Transaction Report for WooCommerce


  1. Login as an administrator to your WordPress Admin account. Using the “Add New” menu option under the “Plugins” section of the navigation, you can either search for: “Advanced Google Analytics for WooCommerce” or if you’ve downloaded the plugin already, click the “Upload” link, find the .zip file you download and then click “Install Now”. Or you can unzip and FTP upload the plugin to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/).

  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress administration panel.

  3. Deactivate and uninstall any other google analytics plugin you may be using to avoid any conflicts.


Why use Google Analytics vs WooCommerce native Analytics feature?

Native WooCommerce Analytics feature increase load on your server when constantly visiting that section. If you keep visiting more WooCommerce for Analyzing there will increase size of requests made to database and reduce performance of website.

You also get very limited data from that reports and it is not helping much to find solutions for your WooCommerce business. It will not have some of crucial reports such like Checkout behavior, Shopping behavior, Acquisition Reports, Audience Reports and many more.

Compare to that Google Analytics have more reports, faster servers and big databases which help you compare and analyzing data faster which leads to you more important and crucial data insights from your website.

In addition to all, Google Analytics is the #1 analytics solution in the world.

Where can I find the setting for this plugin?

You can find plugin settings in main admin menu with name “Advanced WC Analytics”. If you do not see it just scroll down or move to all plugins page.

Can I use this plugin with other Google Analytics Plugins ?

Other plugin is not tracking WooCommerce events then answer is yes But we do not recommend to do so, because our plugin provide all Google Analytics functionalities which require by your WooCommerce Website.

In any case you still want just select option “Do not track pageviews” to avoid conflict with other plugin for tracking general information.

Does this plugin will have any negative impact on WooCommerce performance?

No, this is very light weight plugin and it will have almost zero impact on WooCommerce performance.

Does this plugin match with GDPR compliance?

Our plugin helps make Google Analytics GDPR compliance easier for business owners with zero cost. We provide functionalities like fronted GDPR notice, Anonymize IP, option to choose User-ID tracking will help owners to almost completely follow GDPR guidelines.

While no single plugin can guarantee 100% GDPR compliance in WordPress, Advanced WC Analytics for WooCommerce goes to great length in helping business owners with Google Analytics GDPR compliance.

Does free Plugin supports Enhanced Ecommerce Reports of Google Analytics?

Yeah but some of reports needs our Pro Version.

How to upgrade to Pro Plugin?

Please find require information here.

Which Google Analytics script are you using for Tracking?

We are using latest gtag.js script for Google Analytics Tracking.

Plugin works with WooCommerce Product Variations?

Yes, Plugin works perfectly with WooCommerce Product Variations. But still if you got any issue open ticket in support forum we will help you out.

Does this plugin records refund events for WooCommerce?

No, for that you need to subscribe our Pro version.

Does this plugin provide User-ID Tracking?

Yes, Plugin have functionality for this but you need to enable it from “Tracking Settings” tab of plugin settings. You also need create a User-ID view in Google Analytics to see information.

Please see our article with more information for same.

How to check plugin is properly configured or not?

After finishing plugin configuration login to your Google Analytics account and check your real-time reports if you configured perfectly in your WooCommerce then it will show data there. You can also check by adding google tag assistant extension in your browser.

Does this plugin will work smoothly with any customized WooCommerce installation?

It may, But we are not providing 100% guarantee about this. We tests plugin with standard version of WooCommerce only and we not provide any free support for issue arise due to customized version of your any plugins.

Can I track Google Ads conversion using this plugin?

No, you need to upgrade your plan to Pro for availing this functionality.

Does this plugin provide Facebook Pixel Tracking?

The free version of our plugin does not provide Facebook Pixel Tracking feature. This feature is only available with the our Pro version.

I want to perform A/B testing on my website using Google Optimize. Does this plugin add snippet for me?

Free version on plugin do not help in this but Pro version does. Our Pro version will help you to add Google Optimize snippet in your WooCommerce website so you can perform A/B testing.

How much time will it take to see the data in Google Analytics after plugin is activated?

Most probably you will see data in an hour to various reports once plugin is activated but in some reports and cases it can take maximum up to a day.

Do you offer customization services for plugin?

Presently yes, you can contact us from our website.

Have any suggestion for us?

Please send you suggestion from Plugin website or write down in our plugin forum.


Hulyo 9, 2024
This plugin is great after installation it started tracking ecommerce data correctly. Good work developers there is deprecated warnings when debugging errors please take care of that.
Hunyo 27, 2024
I have installed this plugin and it works well. You can test it using Google Tag Assistant in Chrome. On the left hand side you see the events and in the main panel you can see variable data. I tested a purchase and the correct values were populated. If your users are from the EU or UK then Google will not actually collect the data unless you have a consent compliant cookie banner plugin. You can read more about this EU inflicted misery on small business owner by searching: Google Site Kit consent mode.
Setyembre 13, 2023
Google analytics plugin is a must have google helps you underdand how your business is doing and where there is room for improvement.
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  • Newly improved data tracking for GA4
  • More easy integration specially for GA4


  • Newly Improved linking Process
  • Better in site dashboard
  • Faster and Better data processing


  • Upgraded to Latest Stable Freemius SDK


  • added Google Analytics Dashboard under plugin menu


  • update in conversion tracking system


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  • minor updates at documentation


  • making plugin compatible for Google Analytics version 4 (GA4)
  • more events tracking for WooCommerce store
  • Added support for Enhanced Ecommerce Reports for Google Universal Analytics


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